Trying new things, lets get fruity - Strawberry and Banana

So I’ve been trying new flavours because I’m getting bored of cookies and cream and salted caramel.

I wasn’t a huge can of Cinnamon swill, as much of a nice idea as it was, or their coffee flavour one. Which is odd as the coffee flavour Slimfast is my favourite overall.

So I tried Banana. HUGE SUCCESS. Probably my new favourite and so fruity and natural tasting.

So impressed with bananas I thought I’d try Strawberries. I was always suspicious of the fruit flavours of milkshakes because fake fruit flavours tend to make me yak. (Reminds me of fake fruit-flavoured medicines from the 80s.)

Strawberry was… meh. Muted, and artificial tasting but not obnoxiously so. Kinda get an aftertaste of Tofu. If you’ve ever had tofu you might know what I mean, that kinda dull meh thing that hits your palette after eating it. It’s hard to describe and I’m no sommelier. It kinda coats your palette like emulsion paint in this meh flavour and it’s like someone is whispering from behind you “strawberry” so you’re aware it’s meant to be strawberry but it’s such a distant flavour you really mostly just taste “meh”.

Banana on the other hand is banging. Not too artificial tasting, really fresh and yummy.

Whaaat! Tofu is amazing. You must be prepping it wrong if it tasted dull. Not sure I get the taste of tofu from strawberry powder tho… strawberry mixed with cookies and cream is ace. Not my idea but it really works. In fact I wasn’t going to buy strawberry again but had some turn up today as it’s so good with c&c.

Maybe I’ll try and combine it with C&C, cheers for the tip.

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