Strawberry Banana mix

I expect this is old news, and plenty have tried it. but today I decide to have a Huel black strawberry cream / banana shake. 50/50 each, I’m not really over keen on either and usually give my banana Huel a bit of Huel banana flavour boost. Together though they are really tasty.

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never done it with the premixes but I remember when I started using powders I got the FB sample box and added them to Original (original Original?) I opened the banana one and it made my apartment smell like Magic Tree air fresheners and not in a good way so I chucked in the strawberry one too. It really did make a nice natural tasting fruit drink

Happy cake day Phil.

Funnily enough the original banana flavour boost was my favourite Huel flavour boost of all time…so much so that I have some stockpiled. I even add it to banana premix to give it a boost.

On the other hand I didn’t like the strawberry flavour boost much. I did like the rhubarb and custard and the pineapple and coconut which many didn’t.


that threw me for a minute :slight_smile: Gingerbread is still my favourite FB - I love rhubarb but my body doesn’t, break out in a nasty rash whenever I eat it - so never gave that one the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t know if it went anywhere near a rhubarb plant.

well - I never found out what triggered the allergy specifically and because natural food flavourings use enzymes to extract flavour compounds from the actual plant sources - I didn’t want to risk finding out :slight_smile:

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Fair enough. I’ve not actually heard of a rhubarb allergy, but not bothered to Google it. At same time someone I know has a kiwi fruit allergy and I’d never heard of that until she mentioned it many years ago.

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