Trying to get a Huel package for over a month

As the topic title says. It started last month (mind you I had this problem before but never this severe), I had created a new subscription and then the wait started. It took a while before it was send and then it was turned over to DHL. Now I do not know what they did with the package, it crossed the globe for all I know but I never received it. So, I submitted a ticket and got the standard reaction that it can take several business days… Two weeks later nothing.

After talking to customer support I got a refund, the package never arrived.
I had to remove my old subscription and had to create a new one.

So I did, and on the 12th I made the order hoping I could get it the same week. After all, it says 3 business days. So today I checked where the package is. Apparently it is still in Germany. History is repeating itself.

The whole thing with Huel and subscriptions is nice, if it works. I need to conclude that it doesn’t. So I will wait and see what happens next week. But using Huel consistently is not realistic unless you start hoarding it I guess.