UK bar flavours

New to the site but been a Hueller for a while and recently a subscriber.

Just wondering if there are plans for any new bar flavours? The choc orange is not bad but don’t fancy the other 2. Just fear I will get sick of having the same flavour all the time, even though I only tend to eat 1 bar a day, occasionally two.

Prefer bars to powder as they are more dense and filling, and don’t stink if you forget to wash them out

Apologies if this info is already covered.

Looking forward to getting involved in the chats are reading from of the articles covered

I know it is not what you want to hear, but perhaps you could make your own Huel bars?

(Haven’t tried the recipe, yet)


  • ½ cup(s) vanilla Huel
  • ¼ cup coconut flakes
  • ¼ cup coconut flour *I would just use more Huel probably)
  • ¼ cup skim milk (milk of choice, e.g. coconut milk)
  • 30 g dark chocolate


Prep: 45 min.

Cook: 0 min.

Total: 45 min.

  1. Select your protein powder and add a type of flour to it. Makes sure to select a flour that can be eaten raw: coconut flour, almond flour, or a grain-based flour like oat flour or quinoa flour are all good choices.
  2. Bind the powder and flour with milk. You can use cow’s milk, coconut milk in a carton, or a tasty nut milk like almond milk. If you want, you can also add nut butter. You want to add enough liquid, (and nut butter if you like), to make the batter come together like dough. The goal is to end up with a batter that you can form into bars with your hands.
  3. Shape the batter into bars. If, after mixing your ingredients, your batter is too moist or sticky to mold, add a tiny bit of coconut flour or casein powder until you get the desired consistency. You want to be able to shape the bars, so getting the batter dry enough is essential. If, after mixing your ingredients, the batter is too dry, add a bit of milk until you get the desired consistency. Don’t make it too liquid-y though, or you’ll have to go back to adding flour.
  4. Melt some chocolate in a bain-marie or in a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling water. Once it’s melted, dunk the bars in the chocolate or pour it over the bars. I like to coat my bars in 90-100% chocolate, but you can go as dark (or light) as you want. Obviously, the darker the chocolate, the less sugar and more antioxidant goodness it contains. In my experience, really bitter chocolate goes extremely well with sweet fillings. But like I say, it’s up to you.
  5. Place bars in the freezer for at least 30 minutes and BOOM! They’re ready to pack up and take with you or you can eat them on the spot!

We absolutely are considering other flavours. With the Bars at the moment though our main focus is improving the texture further, once we feel like we have that nailed I imagine we will roll out more flavours.

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Salted caramel/ French Vanilla/spiced pumpkin would be amazing :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::drooling_face:


Thanks all. Not much into baking. Thats why I buy the bars, for convenience!

Totally understand getting the texture right, the bars are a little tough shall we say. The choc orange is fine for now. I’m always dubious of ‘healthy’ bar that melt in your mouth and give mars bars a run for their money.

Just wondered really if there were plans. I don’t really use the huel powder, I have done but the bars are what fits my needs the most personally

You could always use bars from other brands and switch them with Huel, while you wait for the new flavours.

Insert usual post here about multi packs of 15, containing 5 of each flavour, being something you really should have.


I’m happy with the product but like anything if you have it all the time you get bored. I’m sure good things are to come.

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