UK vs Sweden Pricing


Why is it about 20% more expensive on the swedish website compared to UK? I just noticed this and it’s quite a bummer :frowning:

I noticed the same thing when I last ordered some month(s) ago, and it would be great if we could get the official motivation behind the difference in price.

I haven’t been affected yet since I was able to place the order using my old UK account instead without any trouble, but the experience felt pretty negative.

Bump… still needs answer

Easy @Squizzle give me a moment, I don’t know all the answer straight off!

You are correct, the SE price is higher than the UK price. This is due to the fact that in Sweden we are paying 12% VAT (instead of 0% in the UK). We only recently reached the VAT-limit for sales in Sweden, and it has nothing to do with the Sweden shop launch - we would have had to start adding VAT for sales from the UK to Sweden in any case. There is unfortunately nothing we can do about that.
Also, in these volatile times, we had to build in a conversion rate buffer, as our selling prices are in EUR whereas most of our expenses are still in GBP.

Converted the UK price is around 525 SEK today, where as the price on line is 630 SEK.


Thank you for the explanation, it’s certainly understandable that you need to pay Swedish VAT.

However, if the currency conversion rate buffer accounts for around 8 percentage points of the price difference, will we still have the option to pay in GBP with only the Swedish VAT added on top?

I don’t immediately see why you need to take a financial risk here when probably most credit cards will give the consumer a better deal, but maybe it has something to do with paying the VAT or offering a more “predictable” alternative to consumers?

Thank you again for being open about this.

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