Un-Huel for the win!

I would like to express my appreciation for Un-Huel (Unflavoured and Unsweetened) to maintain a balance of opinion in the public discussions.

As a stoic minimalist, I derive great satisfaction from the neutral bland taste & texture of Un-Huel and from the strict adherence to the tagline: “Everything your body needs. Nothing more”. Due to it’s indifferent characteristics, I don’t foresee myself becoming unhappy with it in the long-term. This potential longevity is very attractive and empowering when planning one’s dietary regime.

I neither look forward to nor dread taking my meals. Unfortunately, I can not say the same for Vanilla Huel v1.0. For me, that was an absolute chore to swallow due to the over-sweet taste.

Thank you so much for developing Un-Huel!

Edit: P.S. The smell of Un-Huel powder is divine.


Thank you for the kind words @liveforever - the Un-Huel (Unflavoured and Unsweetened) was due to customer feedback / demand, so keep the feedback coming, thank you. :smile:

Still looking forward to a gluten free version for those of us who LOVE he idea of the food product and just want to reduce the hassle of choosing healthy snacks that are totally “free from” all the things we cant have :smile:

If you go gluten free I will buy more frequently definitely.

Hi @liveforever

I started with the unflavoured version last year which I loved. For me I don’t mind the “earthly taste” and don’t really have a sweet tooth for a meal replacements (but am quite partial to cakes). Ordering a new batch the other week I could see that you can now mix n match so I thought why not pop some vanilla into the mix.

I have to say that although the vanilla does mix better and does not settle as quickly as the unflavoured version it is an absolute chore to drink and not an enjoyable experience at all.

Keep up the good work


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We recently added extra emulsifier (gum arabic) to U&U, so hopefully the problems you discribe above will be gone.