Underrated aspect of Huel

I know exactly what you mean, I’m a 100% Hueler at the minute and its nice not to have to think about what I’m going to eat. I also save a fortune of vitamins etc and have buckets more time on my hands! I also save a fortune on food, as a plant based vegan with intolerances and allergies buying decent food gets pretty expensive…


I’ve always envied my pets. Just put some kibble down in front of them, and they shall not want, barring some food allergy.


I feel very much the same. Even on days when I don’t have Huel for breakfast, I’ll have exactly the same thing. It means I have that process down to a tee and my efficiency is maximised and my effort minimised.

What do you find you are able to focus more on? Is there something specific that you now make time for?

I’m big into the Wim Hof method atm. I also have a bit more time for yoga & meditation, which is a plus.

I thought Wim Hof was more about breathing rather than time efficiency? I don’t know much about it clearly, how do you find it benefits you?

Convient and healthy I would say are the two most often used words to describe Huel and I agree 100%. It truly made a change in my rutine and after months on it I’m surprisingly not tired of it as I thought I might, specially as I have a taste for more savory things than sweet, it even made me crave my breakfast, a meal that I used to simply just have by default without much thought of it.

But as underrated aspects go I would have to say the fact that is vegan, and I appreciate that a lot of users of Huel are not vegan themselves, but products like this that don’t have unnecessary dairy or eggs added to it really make a difference. The fact that this product which is there to replace some of your daily meals is vegan makes me love not just the product but the company.

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Or maybe the fact the mark zuckerberg is autistic and likes routine like me. I love huel but I do love the occasional cheese burger


I like routines too but neither I or Mark Zuckerberg is autistic. That’s not a diagnosis that should be thrown around lightly, I think. Although I’ve been known to do just that.

mark zuckerberg is definitely autistic, but he’s been around people a lot so he’s good at hiding it. I could write a whole list about why I think he has it but i’m too lazy.

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Haha I have to admit, 3 days on Huel and this morning it occurred to me that the process of preparing my food and the cats food is pretty much the same now.
I do feel a bit like a cat.
That said, my cat is 21 and still going strong, so there’s something to be said for a simple and nutritionally complete biscuit (or Huel) diet!


Love this aspect as well: it makes it so much simpler getting what you need from food!

It has really changed my relationship with food too: I actually love cooking, love great food, love going out for dinner. But with the daily rush and work: there is not always time for a proper meal and proper cooking!
Those days (and let’s be honest: at least 60% of my days are those days) I’d hate having to put money, time and effort into cooking something I wouldn’t love AND risked not really nourish me (aka fastfood).

Now when I cook - I COOK. It’s a much more conscious decision, not something I have to do day in day out. When I don’t have the time to cook: fine, I’ll have Huel: fast, cheap, nutritious.
When I do have time to cook, I enjoy it all the more since I haven’t been forced to cook half-assed drab during the week!

And the time: my lunchtime is MINE now. Not forced to shop, cook, chew, wash up - just blend, drink up and the rest of my lunch hour I can do whatever I want.


I v much agree with what everyone here is saying about the convenience aspect of huel & how easy it makes it to get really good nutrition, I think my fave thing about it tho is how it completely kills my sugar cravings! There’s been an odd exception to this, usually at That Time of the month but other than that the biscuits, cake, chocolate, sweets & desserts I couldn’t resist before are just unappealing now & I don’t miss wanting them at all!

I don’t do scales but obviously this has led to a steady weight loss since I started huel in July & I am chuffed about this & how much all round healthier I feel… This is on 1 Huel shake a day (2 scoops) for breakfast then normal, now vegetarian food the rest of the time. I definitely intend to carry on with it! :+1:


Since I started replacing breakfast and lunch with Huel it has made me more discerning about what I cook for myself for dinner. I find I am wanting lots more vegetables, mostly steamed, and much more of a variety. Previously, I’m ashamed to admit, I didn’t eat nearly as many veg as I should. It takes little prep. Just weigh everything individually, slice if necessary, then steam.


This honestly echos my own thoughts so much! When I cook - I COOK! Yes.

I haven’t used Huel for a few weeks now and am able to compare it to when I use it twice or thrice a day. It’s really night and day. I feel so much better on Huel both mentally and physically. My bowels work better on it too. Plus not having to deal with planning and cooking is golden. Can’t wait to get my delivery man


Thank you for this thread. It means EXACTLY what I love in these new meals. I couldn’t have explained it better, even in my mother tongue :fr: .

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Planning healthy balanced meals (including shopping for fresh ingredients) does take time and effort. When I’m very busy, shopping and meal planning tends to go out of the window first which in the past has meant I often ended up grabbing fast food, ready meals and sugary snacks. This can be a vicious circle because poor diet leads to feeling lethargic which leads to more bad food choices.

I still like to cook when I have time, but since buying Huel I no longer need to worry about diet when I’m busy. I still crave a burger sometimes though :smile:

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The MOST underrated effect of Huel has to be the farts. It’s a bizarre health benefit that isn’t well understood, and is very under appreciated. If anyone complains about the pungent clouds you regularly emit, make sure you point them in the direction of this article

I call it a farticle


hahahah reading you I am imagining an ad with @JamesCollier cooking and explaining with love and passion a recipe, all the ingredients, where he got them, why they are good for the health and the right temperatures and so on like a proffesional chef and at the final of the ad, he presents a completed dish to the camera (close picture) and then it zooms out a little, showing near it a prepared bottle of huel (RTD or powder). The prepared dish has the same amount of calories and same nutritional values.

The final phrase that could be with letters or with James saying it in a close picture: Cooking is great. For weekends.