Use for professional sport

Hi, just starting out with Huel. My partner is a professional equestrian athlete. I am working hard on their nutritional intake for their level of training and so I am trying huel hot and savory (they are allergic to oats so pretty much everything else is out). The instant, filling food is going down well with the nutritional content making me happy! In the past it has been difficult to fit in all that we do with training and traveling and making a good nutritional fresh, vegan diet. Just being able to take a powdered food and needing a kettle, but not eating rubbish, is a liberation. Thank you, watch this space!


Your partner is a professional equestrian athlete? You mean they are a horse? Humans just sit on the back and hold on. Hardly difficult…

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Not sure if this is a joke, but it’s actually an incredibly difficult sport! It doesn’t hurt to be kind :slight_smile:

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Hi I’m new to huel and am a karate international in training for a world championships.

Would be interesting to see how your oh gets on. And ignore the haters. Unless you do it yourself nobody appreciates what it is to do sport seriously :blush: