Using huel for weight gain

I’m just wondering which huel powder would be best for gaining weight? I understand that the main thing I need to do is increase my calorie intake, but I was just wondering if one of them is more suited to weight gain? I’ve read that beta-glucans promote weight loss, so perhaps huel white is not ideal as it contains lots of oats and therefore lots of beta-glucans. But then on the other hand, huel black is lower in carbs, and I thought you needed to consume lots of [healthy] carbs to gain weight? Thanks in advance for any advice! :pray:

Hi. If you put ‘weight gain’ into the search box, top right, you will find a few threads on the subject.

Neither is more suited for weight gain (or loss). Whichever works for you based on taste, texture and feeling full. In your case the hungrier you feel the better!

Hi! I’m also thinking about gaining muscle mass right now. You can add calories with other foods, for example, peanut butter is caloric and high in fat.