V3.0 Original Flavour available?

Hi Huel and Hueligans.

I just started using Black Edition, but thought I’d order some normal Huel next time too. I’ve seen others here and on Reddit saying that you cannot combine Black and White in the same order. Apparently, though, it is entirely possible to get both in the same order, if you just add some normal powder to the order. However, I also found something a little strange: V3 Original Flavour! It is not mentioned anywhere else on the site (ie. for new subscriptions), but can be added to existing orders. Also this V3 only costs 54 Eur for 2 bags. Is it a discount because of the Black bags in the same order?

Anyway… What gives? Is this an error, or does Original V3 actually exist? I am a little confused.

Also: When editing the order of Original V3, I cannot add anymore of the same flavour. This seems like an error, since I can add more if i add a “new” item to the order. (See pics)

The issue people have is that you cannot have one bag of each, because the two-bag minimum requires you to buy two of the same product line.

What happens to the price if you add a bag of Original, compared to any of the others? I had a subscription that included a bag of v2.3 Original, alongside the other flavours that were converted to v3.0 when it was launched.

Ah, I see. That is a little strange.

If I add 2 bags of any other 3.0 flavour, it is 62 Eur. Only 3.0 Original is 54 Eur, which makes the price even stranger.

Your original question is discussed e.g. here: Original Huel will still be available?

Yes, but that thread does not explain why v3 Original is available through the website, as I found.

I don’t think it is… I think it’s v2.3 hence why the price is lower. Someone else mentioned that the website incorrectly calls it v3.0 original when it’s not.

I also don’t think it is really available. Must be a mistake of the website for your region, it is not in the german shop.

Here’s the UK shop. Original is there but it’s clearly labelled as v2.3.