Vanilla v's Berry powder

I just had my first 2 scoops of Berry powder 3.0, and it’s just a little too sweet for me.

I’ll be sticking to vanilla :slight_smile:

You can mix both of them and possibly get a pleasant result. :wink:

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you will find that with any flavours - premix, boosts or your own - if you mix them and let them stand in the refrigerator a while before drinking - the flavours and sweetness become much softer. If you want a slightly thicker shake you could also try blending an unripe banana into the Berry premix - thats also a good taste combo.

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Glad you like the Vanilla! Feel free to experiment with the Berry to find the best combination for you. I quite like it as I find it has a yoghurt taste in a way - but of course all of our taste buds are so different.

This is a great suggestion - I often mix one scoop of Berry with one scoop of Banana for example. Some people mix one scoop of Unflavoured with one scoop of another flavour to tone down the sweetness.

Huel smoothies are the way to go! Throw some Huel, fruit, ice, spinach, etc in a blender and you’re good to go. Fresh fruit is inevitably a little more tart so this could reduce the sweetness for you.

Hope a couple of these tips help you!

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