Variation bag to bag?

So I just had an odd experience. I just opened my new bag today, mixed as normal as I have with the past 6 or so bags, and it is waaaaay sweeter than normal. I mean like to the point I drank half, and can’t even finish it because it’s that overly sweet. This bag is from mid November. Is it just me or is anyone else noticing this? Was there a change somewhere that I’m missing? Just seems really odd which is why I asked if anyone else has experienced a change from bag to bag.I use the vanilla flavored Huel once a day for my lunch break meal.

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Hi Barry, sorry to hear that. In the past we have adjusted the sweetener inclusion, but not quite some time. Could you let me know when your past orders were? Have you been mixing it differently? Could you also let me know the batch number of your affected Huel? You can find this number on the reverse of the pouch underneath the label.


Honestly I have the same issue. I bought 8 bags and the taste just got waaaaaay worse (I’ve reduced my Huel consumption due to the taste, I thought I got tired of it because I’ve drank too much). I hope you can check out my last order ( I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Batch number: 3588 (09:05 am 10/2018 24-10-17)

Yeah guys I’ve had it before, it’s weird how once you notice an atypical taste it kind of sticks with you through the whole bag.

If your Huel is too sweet try mixing it and leaving it in the fridge for few hours, many on this forum will agree with me in saying this somehow tends to make Huel less sweet

The lot code is a little difficult to make out. I believe it’s 91266 or 94266. Expiration date of 09/2018. I believe this shipped out 10/30/17.

I’l have to try that. Thanks