Vlogging about my experience

I’m about to embark on a 12 week body transformation and I’ll be documenting my experience warts N all. I’m trying various different meal options and Fuel is going to be one of them. I have a team of nutritionists , personal trainers and a small production team following me. Bodyfit Brighton are going to be helping me achieve my goals. I’ll post back here with my experience as it progresses.

Hi !
i’m interested, what are your body measurements + body fat ?
What is your objectif and whats your HUEL plan ? 100 %

Where will your Vlog be posted? Have you a youtube channel?

I’ll be posting a link to the Vlog which will be done in conjuntion with my PT - Bodyfit Brighton

These are the measurements from my Body Scan
Body Scan
AGE 46
Height 173.5cm
Total Bodyfat 32.7
BMI 35.5
Weight 106.2 kg

My objectives are to get my weight to 85 KG and my BMI into the safe zone of 20 - 25.
Im planning on using meal replacements to compliment a modified diet which will be created for me by my nutritionists. I don’t plan on eating only meal replacements but I do intend to supplement some meals. The whole plan still needs explaining to me by my coaches. I’ll keep you posted.