Water bottles

Anyone want a couple of Huel water bottles (not shakers). Not been used but where standing in cupboard one has a couple of small marks on base.

UK only but if you want to send 3 quid for postage they are yours. First to reply gets em…unless you only want one and two people can pm me 3 quid for one each.

Take that as a no mate. Stop trying to sell your junk.


Happy cake day!

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Don’t choke on your cake.

I was trying to give them away but it’s a load of Huel tat I agree.

Just chucked them in the bin.

Ill take them if they’re still available.

They’re covered in bin juice but that’s @coup fault but if you dont mind that you can have them

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:rofl: I’ll still take them. Send me your bank details and i’ll send you the postage and, if you prefer, make a small donation to a cause, as a thank you. :+1:

Just PM me your address and I’ll send them your way.

Done. Thanks.

Ok got it. Will send them tomorrow

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I really liked these bottles. Absolute nightmare to actually use with Huel but great water bottles for hiking, still using mine.

I didn’t like them. I’d imagine they’d get bashed up pretty quickly on a hike or something. I have some Supersparrow ones that are insulated and have an insulated case which also stops them getting things scratched when just carried in a rucksack.

I was given the 2 Huel ones by the company ages ago but never used them. They are on the way to @Darrenbryan10 now as I posted them yesterday.

Much appreciated @hunzas.

I had one of these bottles last year, but it fell out of my bike bottle holder, and wash crushed by the car following me!

Ah I guess even the mighty Supersparrow may not like that experience.

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Received today with thanks. Do you want the postage (if so, pm me your details), or is there a charity I can make a donation to? :+1:

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If you wanna make a donation you can do it here: Donate

It’s not a charity as such…and may not be your thing.

And don’t drop them in front of car wheels

That link gives a “this page not found” error!

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PayPal have probably taken down his self fellatio donation page.


Hmm. It was working when I first posted it. I actually checked but now it doesn’t. It was a PayPal link and I guess it expired after a short while.

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Any other suggestions John, or do you want me to choose?

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