Water Filters, Apocalypse Huel, Zombies - this thread has it all


Its actually kinda good. I used one scoop of original powder, and mixed with a fork (cos y’know shaking would just end in disaster). It’s quite nice. But then I am VERY hungry, having waited all day in the hope of having water again. If the water is still off tomorrow its gonna be havana rum Huel :rofl:
Well not really, I’ll cycle to the supermarket for water lol I’m just too lazy to go tonight, plus its a long way, and up a big hill.


I would test out how well my Berkefeld really filters river or pond water, except, I have no rivers or ponds nearby. Unless you count the river of mains water that is currently running down my road. But it has a suspiciously oily sheen to it and I know the Berkefeld claims it filters everything, but oil…??? I’m not sure I wanna test that


Oh noooo! Disastrophe! I take it you don’t have a car then. I love my car.
LOL at the thoughts of a Huelcola volcano :laughing: Good luck with the filtered urine and rum :rofl:
Joking aside cos it’s no joke being without water. Hope they get things sorted pdq.


I’m fine, I’ve lived in a forest in a tent for six months - not having water on tap feels like the norm.
The cat however, is most peeved that the heating has gone off and is looking at me indignantly and pestering me to make the magic white thing next to her bed hot again.


I do actually have a camper van, but the road is closed off at both ends due to the flood of water. I live on this wierd road in a dip that is goes down then up at both ends, so any rain water (or mains water in this case) pools at either end. In the winter everyone has to park their vehicles on the next road over or else they are stranded there for months until the ice / snow thaws.


Wow! That’s a bummer :thinking:


Ive got 2 vans. One is big and black and carries heavy objects. The other is bright pink with eyelashes. It has a bed in it. Thats my ‘camper’ van.

None of this is true. I dont even have a car or a bike. But i do have a horse. Tho i don’t ride him…cos vegans dont do that.


That sounds like something you should sell on ebay…


LOL at new title :rofl:





Haha no it’s fine. You do realise however that you are now going to have to read my water-apocalypse in minute detail on a daily basis. Maybe more than once a day. And as you started the thread @Coup you will be notified of every single tedious post I make


Water Apocalypse Update as at 22.14hrs 3rd January 2018:

-The road is still flooded
-All residents are trapped and there is mass panic
-Soon there will be riots
-I am collecting road water and filtering it through my Berkefeld for my own survival
-Hopefully nobody catches on that I have the only filter in the village
-intake today: One mint choc huel and one Diet Coca-Cola Huel. NO WATER!!! I might die of dehydration this is serious
-output tiday - 66,000 steps up and down the road with my mug to carry water from the road river to my Berkefeld


Hey up, you might lose some more weight with all them steps @ChristinaT :grin:


If she carried two mugs she could have done it in half that number of steps. Seems a bit ridiculous to me.


@ian42 I was doing so well
But the water apocalypse has ruined EVERYTHING
I got so thirsty and desperate I had to resort to ordering a gluten free vegan cheese pizza (well 3 pizzas cos of minimum order values and all that) just so I could get more 2l bottles of Coke to mix my huel with.

Daily intake now:
2 scoops mint choc huel
1 scoop apocalypse huel (original huel with Coca Cola)
3 vegan gluten free pizzas

I did have to do quite a few more steps however (and a bit of swimming) as the delivery chap couldn’t get past the flood at the end of my road so I had to go collect it in my wetsuit and goggles


Dude this is an apocalypse!
What kind of idiot doesn’t keep one hand free to fend off rioters / water thieves / giant water rats / zombies ???


This is so true. I am such a virgin when it comes to apocalypses.


Rip the throat out of a zombie and mix the blood in your Huel


People complain about the red things in Huel as it is mate


Bit more won’t hurt,just make sure the zombie is a vegan