Watery with bananas

Hi all,

I made 2 meals worth of huel this morning.

Usual litre of water in the blender with 240 grams of huel and 2 bananas like i normally do on a Monday.

I put the bananas in the water and blended them then added the huel (normally put the bananas in last).

Both meals have tasted quite watery and I don’t know why.

Anything to do with the bananas?

Assuming you use the same Huel and the same water, I guess the only option is the bananas!

How ripe were the bananas?

Very ripe - probably on the brown side of not eating them but I’ve put similar in with huel before.

I’d put it down to the fruit. If previous meals were okay and now all of a sudden they’re not, I’d be surprised if it was the Huel. Fruit (especially British fruit) is one of the most inconsistently tasting I have ever had.

A banana is about 74% water, so just put less water in, and top up if necessary.