Website bug in "Add address"; no visual error on invalid postcode

When adding a new address whose postcode fails validation, a 400 user error is returned however no visual error is propagated to the user. There is simply the spinning huel shaker loading animation, followed by nothing.

I had to use developer tools to add an address to my account. This is funking pathetic

{success: false, errors: {zip: [["Invalid data: UK post code requires proper space and no dashes."]]}}

Btw I love huel please IPO thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know, I’ve raised it with the engineering team.

Bit of an unnecessary addition.

A bit kelpy I thought.


Thanks for passing this on Tim

Sorry for the unconstructive negativity, I’m disappointed in myself


It was your first post mate, I am sure Tim will forgive you. He’s not an ogre.