Your Website changed my address.. and its being deliver to wrong country! (£81 extra postage!)

Hi… I ordered 2 days ago.
Order : #1293097
Price £253.05 (£81 postage!)
Dispatch Date - March 18th 2020

Your website detected my location as Oman (Sultanate of Oman) - I am on holiday there. I changed the order details to UK - as I want the FREE UK delivery to my house in UK. I filled out my UK address correctly… but the site didn’t accept my postcode (it said a space is required). I added the space and pressed submit. I didn’t realise that when the page had refreshed (to tell my my postcode needed a space) the site changed my country to Oman again. The order has therefore been processed to Oman, instead of UK!!

My correct address is the same one as saved in my account.

You charged me £81 international postage to an address in Sultanate of Oman that does’t exist! (My UK address but with ‘Oman’ as the country).
I just got an email saying Your order #1293097 is ready to leave our fulfilment house and will be with you very soon." PLEASE CAN YOU LOOK INTO THIS??

As soon as I spotted this (within 2 minutes) I tried to call you (your answer machine doesnt work)… I have messaged you on social media (5 times).left messages on your facebook page, I have sent messages via the feedback form. NOONE REPLIES!!

Please help me!! I appreciate you are busy… but someone needs to monitor orders.
Not only is my package going to the wrong country… I have been charged international postage fees…
I need this to go to the UK!! (and get the postage refunded!)

Stephen Barker

Oman is the only country beginning with O.

Fact of the day.

But try emailing, usually that or the forums is your best bet!

Also, i would remove your address here, just in case, the internet isn’t great for making that information public :slight_smile:

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Wrong. Oz does too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Stephen,

I appreciate this must be stressful for you but I must ask you not to post multiple times and send several messages to our Customer Experience team, we are experiencing an increased number of customer contacts and they are dealt with from oldest to newest.

Our site has a geotag function. As you are in Oman and want your order delivered to the UK you needed to change the flag in the top right-hand corner of the page to the UK flag. If you don’t when you refresh or enter a new function the site will revert back to the default geotag, which in your case is Oman and why you’re having problems.

I’ve tagged @Charlotte_Huel from the Customer Experience team who will be able to help you further.

thanks Dan

I was just trying to get someone to reply as the system said my order was about to be sent.
I wouldnt have expected the forum to be the best place to post / didnt expectthere was a forum

Many thanks for the help though

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