Website glitches

Orders that have already been processed move to your order history section

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I agree. They need to be better at communicating that new subscriptions will be sent out ASAP and the first shipment can not be altered. If you had known that, you would not have tried to edit it.

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Interesting. I wonder if it’s really clear to users what’s going on. Having two separate places to change dates deserves a clear explanation on the website.

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its already there including managing subscription and upcoming deliveries

The point is, you can edit upcoming subscription orders but you can’t edit an order that is already being processed.

@Milly123 as it is the Christmas season, I would like to help you out by sending you the £50 that you weren’t expecting to disappear. I can do this by PayPal if you want, or BACS if you prefer. I know it doesn’t fix the confusing issues you encountered with the ordering system, and I also know it’s none of my business really (I have nothing to do with Huel, beyond being a customer myself).

Just fancy helping out a random stranger, in the spirit of the season.


yes once it has been passed to the fulfilment people on the date its due then it cant be changed - up until that point it can

@SJStuart goodness… thank you, your message was very unexpected…! At first I thought it was Huel having a bit of a re-think, and offering better customer service than they have done so far!! But given that you have nothing to do with Huel, it makes your message much kinder and a complete surprise. I’m quite a proud person, self-dependent and self-reliant, I don’t like to borrow money from friends and family as they mostly have similar levels of income to me. Which is why this is so tricky for me. I could probably earn a bit more but I work in care and love my job - it’s the hardest job I’ve ever done, but it’s the kind of thing I’d want to be doing even if I wasn’t being paid for it. It means money is very tight though, especially after Christmas, and this mistake has put me in a really tricky situation, as this money is what I had to live on til next payday (along with my Huel!) :slight_smile: I would normally be too proud I think but am hoping you wouldn’t offer if it would put you in a tricky financial situation yourself, so I think I would like to gratefully accept your offer, thank you… I’m grateful, it will really help. Going to try and find how to send you my details in a private message.

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It’s no problem at all. As you rightly pointed out, I wouldn’t offer if I couldn’t afford to… and I never loan anybody money. It’s just a random small gift to a stranger.


I do empathise with your situation - I can see how it’s possible to make the mistake you have, and you’re not the first person to do so.
Huel haven’t purposely conned you, you did (unwittingly) place two orders. I think @infinity makes a really good point of the need for there to be absolute clarity at the point of purchase that you are making a(nother) purchase.

I’m really surprised you had a bad customer service experience though :confused: - they’ve always been exceptionally amazing when I’ve contacted them with any problems.

@SJStuart to the rescue though huh?!
What a star :star:
I love this forum
Full of such lovely people

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@Olivia_Huel (Happy New Year!)

There is definitely something wrong with how the subscriptions are processed or displayed within the ‘my account’ area, that will mean lots of people are going to experience a similar issue as highlighted in this thread.

To help the team identity the problem, here’s a description of what I’ve experienced today:

I have an ongoing subscription for 2 xGF powder v3 UU.
Today, I changed my next dispatch date to today’s date (31st Dec) after being advised by live chat that this will result in it being picked up and dispatched today.
After doing this at lunchtime, now, about 12 hours later I still have not received any order confirmation. I also did not receive a confirmation on-screen at the time.
It looks like I have not placed an order.
When I go into my account, I get three options to look at:
upcoming deliveries (here it shows my next powder delivery is in February)
subscriptions (here it also shows my next powder dispatch as being in February)
order history (there is no sign of any recent orders of GF UU powder - it shows my last order as the bars I had delivered in November)
On my main account page it shows my next upcoming delivery as 28th January for my bar subscription.
Nowhere, anywhere, is there any sign of an order or dispatch of the GF UU powder that I tried to order today
In the absence of any confirmation on-screen or by email, and in the absence of it showing in my order history or my upcoming deliveries, it is reasonable for me to assume that I have not ordered any powder, and my attempt to change the dispatch date to today has not been picked up.

In this scenario, pretty much everyone would now go ahead and change the date to tomorrow, or order again, as @Milly123 did.

The only reason why I am not going to order again, is because @Bee and a few other forum members have told me that when they’ve changed their sub to today’s date, it gets picked up by the system and dispatched the following day. There is absolutely nothing anywhere however to let me know this is going to happen.

Something is definitely wrong. This order needs to be showing somewhere and I should get an email and an on-screen notification letting me know my order has been placed. How else am I supposed to know?
If I wasn’t a member of this forum and had read everyone else’s experiences, I would now be placing that order again, thinking it hadn’t gone through, and would, like Milly, get charged twice.

Perhaps @Tim_Huel could feed this back to the relevant person so it can be fixed?

This isn’t a complaint - I’ve had really excellent customer service as always today.
But this glitch really needs to be fixed as I can see why it’s causing a lot of confusion and duplicated orders.

See screenshots from my account:


I’ve done that, thank you for listing it out so clearly. It’s super useful!

Edit: the solution here is to not make it possible to change the dispatch date to the same day. The reason is that our subscription orders process at the same time every day, so changing a sub after this time won’t help. Sorry if any of you were told differently to that, if you change a sub to the same day it won’t go out that day but the next - we will get that changed.


I thought that might be the case!

Good plan :+1:t2:
Thanks for finding out where the problem is so fast.

Yesterday I brought my bar sub forward to today and it’s processed today no problem.
The powder sub that I brought forwards to the 31st seems to have disappeared completely though. Are you able to see if this been picked up or not? I’m not in any rush to receive it but I just have no idea if it’s going to get processed or is lost forever…
I was expecting it to get picked today, being the first working day since I adjusted it but so far there’s still no sign.

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Hi @Tim_Huel
Just to let you know, my order from the 31st never did arrive.
So it turns out that if you bring your sub forwards to today’s date, it doesn’t get picked up at all, not even the next day. It simply disappears completely.

I waited 3 weeks, live chatted twice, emailed, and DM’d yourself as well but did not get any response at all until today on my third live chat attempt.

It turns out that despite getting a confirmation on screen at the time of placing my order plus assurance from live chat that my order would go through, it didn’t go through.

The website hasn’t been fixed yet either: it’s still possible to set the delivery date for your next sub to today’s date - which we now know will likely result in the subscription order not being picked up at all.

Also - the subscription page and the upcoming delivery page do not reconcile with each other - both show different flavours, quantities and delivery dates.
And I’ve placed two orders today - one for v3 and one for v2.3. Only one order appears in my account and the other has disappeared (like what happened on the 31st).

In summary - this account area all seems very glitchy and muddled, and it’s really hard to figure out what’s been ordered and what for some reason didn’t go through despite getting confirmation to the contrary.

No idea why my orders keep disappearing.
It’s getting quite frustrating!

Hopefully some of this feedback will help you/them clear up the issues. If you need any more specific details let me know.

We have checked your account for you and we can’t see any orders for UU powder till the 21st of January.

I have looked through your account and I can’t see any order processing on the 31st, I’m so sorry you were advised otherwise as I can’t see this on your subscription, I can see you spoke with Phoebe on live chat who processed the order yesterday for you and I’m afraid we can’t see any emails regarding this order on our system I can see your last email correspondence was on the 3rd December regarding the Huel bars.

I have checked the order Phoebe processed yesterday for you and this order will arrive with you today. Once an order has been processed it will be packed and shipped for delivery the next day.

The order placed for 1x UU v.2.3 and 1x Original v.2.3 was placed as a single order so this should show up in your order history, however this wouldn’t show on your subscription as this is a one off order.

If possible could you please send an email to team@huel with screenshots of what you can see on your side so we can see what’s going on here for you.

We completely understand how frustrating this is and I assure you we feel the same on our side and want to try and sort all of this out for you as soon as possible, we are really sorry for all the confusion caused here, we will make sure to get to the bottom of this today for you.

I know! This is the problem!
My subscription was brought forward to 31st December - I did it while talking on live chat. The screen confirmed my order was received.
But two days later it disappeared without a trace.

The order from the 21st Jan is me ordering again! Because my last sub just disappeared into thin air :laughing:

It’s not a problem - I have Huel on the way now.
I just wanted to let you know about the glitches.
It turns out that if you bring your subscription forward to today, instead of triggering an immediate order, that delivery doesn’t happen at all.
It’s quite important for the team to know this so they can fix it as most people would assume you could trigger a delivery by bringing your sub date forwards to today.

I can’t give you a screen shot because as you know that order has :boom: poof! disappeared completely

I was referring to my order from the 31st Dec not the 21st Jan.
The one Phoebe processed for me is on it’s way :+1:t2:

Thank you for letting us know, we have made sure to raise this with our tech team so this can test this out on subs to prevent any future problems with this at all on your end.

Sorry for any confusion caused here, I was talking about the 31st of December too, we can see the change was implemented on the subscription but never processed, so we are looking into this now for you.

Terribly sorry about all of this.

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No worries :slightly_smiling_face: @Charlotte_Huel
It was a bit baffling but it’s on its way now, and I had plenty other flavours to keep me Huelled up in the meantime
I’m looking forwards to trying v3 :yum:

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We’ll make sure to keep a close eye on it, pleased this worked out in the end.

We can’t wait to hear what you think :grin:

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