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Hi everyone, I am new to huel so have enjoyed looking at the boards. It was actually my GP who recommended I add huel as part of a health eating plan and deliberate calorie deficit plan. I’m a healthy 55 year old - blood pressure 125 , blood fats 3.6 and no diabetes or pre diabetes - but I got fat :frowning: I blame menopause lol). I do not weigh myself because i weigh heavy - even at a size 10 ( I’m 175cm - I am still 70kg so weighing Myself is depressing. For me it’s about measurements.
I am vegetarian (previously vegan) and my protein intake is woeful so I find myself picking at food . I’m also a stress eater. I swim 3 times a week but have just had a PT session and am going to start weight training soon. Just wanna get some fat off first. I started a week ago swapping the evening meal for a huel. I’m eating porridge made with water for breakfast and having a low carb low calorie lunch and no snacking at all. Already I feel more energetic. I’m hopeful !!

Hey Lucy, welcome to the Huel forum.

Try not to be too hard on yourself. If you don’t like weighing yourself, but it’s something you’ve agreed upon with your GP then try and do it weekly (at the same time) rather than daily. Your weight will fluctuate day-to-day so what you’re looking for is a downward trend. If weighing yourself is affecting your mental health chat to your GP about another way of measuring your progress like taking photos.

Protein will help make that weight loss a little easier but so will fibre. With that porridge at breakfast try having a low-fat plant-based milk instead of water for some more protein and you could also add a scoop of protein powder.

You can check out this article for more info, let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks Dan that’s good advice. I usually use unsweetened oat milk so will add that to the porridge.

I found daily (or at least most days) walking really helped shift fat.
I started doing a 50 minute walk at lunchtimes, then added an evening walk in nicer weather.
I then got a treadmill for winter and managed to get into a routine of getting up an hour earlier to walk on it, then only walking lunchtimes if it was mild.
Helped me lose over a stone over several months!


Walking is such an underrated form of exercise :raised_hands: great for mental health too!

Totally misread that as Working - head scratcher on the great for the mental health part :slight_smile:

well then that would be debatable :rofl:

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Low cost too and generally low risk of injury!

I was only discussing this yesterday. Went for a walk in the countryside listening to albums by Dead Sheeran and Meryl Streek. (Yes that is correct spelling of both).

Nice bit of politics to keep me motivated.

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I didn’t start huel to lose weight but it just happened. Also vegetarian so it’s nice to know that what you’re eating is aok throughout the range.

I’ve been off huel for a bit but I am a karate international and the qualifiers are coming up, so I need to get myself back on it. I found the results on the intense training are good , I don’t feel hungry and I can get through an intense session where I shed around 650 cals with no dramas or fading energy towards the end.

thanks for the recommendations, got Meryl Streek on right now. :+1:

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Bloody good isn’t he. I reckon he’ll start to get popular (in the way that Bob Vylan did last year). Bob Vylan were at his recent London show.

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I genuinely thought you were taking the mick until I googled this for myself :joy:

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well he is Irish


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