Weight loss - eat calories burned?

Hi, I want to start Huel to lose weight, I’ve got the myfitness pal app and I have looked at the calorie calculator from the huel link - my question is on the calculator if you put in the exercise that you do it comes up with Calories to eat. When you do your exercise the app adds this to my baseline number I got from the huel link on calories to eat. Should I be leaving 500 cals un eaten from the baseline + calories burned in exercise or should I be ignoring what calories I burn. I am a runner and burn quite a few on a run and don’t want to under eat! Sorry if this sounds confusing thank you

It’s difficult, I have been confused about the same thing in the past! I think in reality the only thing that worked for me was trying out eating at one particular calorie deficit for a week or two, and seeing if I lost weight.

If you don’t get the results you want, then you can adjust the calorie deficit you’re aiming for accordingly :slight_smile: