Weight Loss - Is this extreme, will it even work?!


I’ve got a medical coming up for a job and I need to get about 1.5 stone off. The main problem is time! The date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I expect it to be in around 5 weeks.

Ive worked out that I need to lose about 4lb a week, for the next 5 weeks. If 1lb of fat = 3000 cal’s then I need about a 12,000 calorie defecit for the week or roughly 1700 per day.

Im also training for a marathon so running 6 miles per day will give me roughly 900 calorie credit and I walk the dog a couple of times a day so that should also be hundred or so.

To maintain I need roughly 2500 cals / day if I run every day and walk the dog this should give me a 1000 cal credit and take that up to 3500. Now subtract the 1700 deficit this leaves me with 1800 cal’s / day.

So now if I divide 1800 / 154 (1 scoop) that gives me 11.6 scoops per day, or 3 x 3 scoops and a 2 scoop snack.

This all sounds very simple… Is it really that simple?!

It will be an interesting experiment, my main concern is, will I burn out?

Ive been doing a bit of training on the Huel and feeling pretty good on it so far. I think the timing will be important.

Interested to get anyone else’s view on this any way…


I think you could make it work.
There is a Huel guide to fat loss available, a lot of this you already know (from above) but it has some other interesting bits of facts and advice.

Simple, but unhealthy. There are better people here to lay out the specifics, but losing so much weight in so little time is probably dangerous. No job is worth ruining your health for dude.

  1. Huel is great for weight loss. Mostly because it simplifies calorie counting. Most people don’t realize how many calories they consume a day, even if they track it. Huel makes calorie counting foolproof. And it does this while supplying all the nutrients required. Very healthy.

  2. It is extreme to lose four pounds a week.

The standard advice is not to try to lose more than 2 lbs per week. It’s common to lose more than that right at the start anyway, but in my experience 2 lbs is a sensible safe limit I think you need to decide how critical this medical – and the 1.5 st drop – is. I don’t think your goal is healthy, and there’s definite risk of burn-out at that kind of deficit. It’s also worth thinking about if your health is a safe thing to sacrifice to prepare for a medical.

As for your numbers… 1 lb of fat is quoted as 3500, not 3000. So you need a 14,000 calorie deficit, or -2000/day. 900 calories burned for running 6 miles is probably about right if you’re anywhere around 200 lbs. That would put you at 1500 cal/day in your diet. If you’re average height and male, about 1800 calories of whole food will probably satiate you, but 1500 really isn’t good. Lastly, your scoop calculation is right – your only error is the 3000 cal/lb figure.

Saying that, 3500 cal/lb is arguably a ‘myth’ anyway. In my experience it’s about right, having lost 3 st and charted calories in, exercise, weight, etc. Mind you, I took my TDEE as a fixed ‘end goal’ number when it actually should’ve been higher, so I intentionally systematically underestimated.

Personally, I wouldn’t advise you try this. That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. You’ve got to make your own decision about how important it is to try. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Thanks very much for the responses guys, looks like I’ve got my work cut out!

Will keep you updated.