Weight target met, camping holiday, and climbing Ben Nevis on Huel!

Well, it’s been a while since my last confession…oh hang on, wrong forum! :smiley:

It’s been a while since my last post!

I started my Huel journey on the 21st of Feb, and today is the 11th of july, so i’m coming up on 5 months, but it seems like i’ve been on it forever! (In a good way!)

I’ve taken to huel for my lunch, and love the fact i don’t have to think about what to have, or shop all the time for bread and sandwich fillers… I’m never running out of butter or finding i’ve got nothing in the fridge.

I’ve settled on 3 scoops of huel, a handful of frozen fruit, and just blitz it up. i use to make it the night before, and leave to thicken slightly in the fridge overnight, but now i simply wizz it up, and drink.

This always keeps me full till i finish work, and have tea.

Now weight loss - i started just under 93kg, and my target was 80kg, a reasonable amount to loose, but i’ve really struggled to shift excess weight as i’ve got older. i managed to hit 80kg about a month ago, and am very happy. i currently hover about 78/79kg. i’d be happy to loose a tad more, but i’m also happy where i am, and am more than satisfied with my current weight!

I’m not going to put this 100% at the huel, but it is certainly a large factor! I’ve reduced my portion size, and am eating a bit healthier, but i’m not doing too much exercise, i still have crisps and chocolate when i fancy them - just not as much, and not as often.

Every now and again, i will have Huel for lunch and tea, and when i do this, i always loose a bit of weight over then next day or so.

Recently i had a 2 week holiday in scotland, camping out of my van and tent. When packing foodstuffs and cooking implements i suddenly realised what a great camping food Huel was! This was something i had not considered before, with only water and huel, you had a meal. Now as my itinerary was fairly free, with only certain goals been attempted, i was not sure if i would be wild camping, or on a site, or in a restaurant, but the Huel gave me the option to park up, mix up, and Fuel!

Now i’m not going to lie - i did miss my chilled, berry laden smooth Huel, instead having a slightly warmer,lumpier plain vanilla, as i had no fridge or freezer (but interestingly, my 300w inverter running off the battery would have powered my blender)! :smiley:

It was better than it sounds,lol! Trust me, after a morning’s walking it was very much enjoyed. If only Huel had come out with the berry version a couple of weeks earlier! (which i’ll be trying next, double berry!)

All in all, i would have been quiet happy carrying just the Huel and water, and i did buy an extra box, just in case of emergency’s, which i’ll now rotate in.


Huel, even came with me to the top of Ben Nevis! I had Huel breakfast on top of the Ben at 8am. Just the Huel, and some fruit got me up there with energy to spare. According to my tracker, it was approx 2400 calories up and down, and i never felt hungry,


So, thank you Huel. I’ve found something thats healthy, easy, and has helped my to achieve my weight loss goals!

If you’re reading this while sitting on the fence, give it a go. A fair circle of friends and family have joined me with Huel now.

Best of luck, and thank you again Huel!



Great story, thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the post, we absolutely love reading this sort of thing :blush: You’ve made such incredible progress, well done!

This. :point_up: It sounds like you’ve put in a huge amount of effort and been so disciplined in your approach. If Huel has helped be a stimulus for you to make many other healthy lifestyle changes then that is awesome! In addition to adding great nutrition to your diet of course too.

Your trip sounds awesome and you did really well to get some cracking views at the top of Ben Nevis so early in the morning! Great effort and thank you for sharing this! Keep up the hard work.