Weird licorice aftertaste

Day 1 of Huel. Tried the Berry flavour, and got a really weird licorice-style bitter aftertaste. It actually kinda made me feel a little sick, but I managed to drink the entire mix. I also bought the new Vanilla flavour, and I’m hoping it doesn’t do the same.

Having read a few forum posts, I’m going to mix up a batch this evening and refrigerate it overnight to see if it’s any better.

Not quite the experience I was expecting I must admit. Anyone else experienced this, and what have you tried to eliminate it?

Can’t say I’ve come across this before. Try the vanilla and see how you get on. The potency of the berry flavour has been reported to vary quite sharply with thickness - I would say if you’re still on week 1 you’ve not found your perfect consistency yet, experiment with this and you might find your ideal flavour too. I like a splash of milk in mine but everyone is different

Some people do notice a liquorice aftertaste in some sweeteners, and stevia is one such. Normally in higher concentrations of sweetener. There is no stevia in Huel Berry however.

Some other sweeteners can also have the same effect although I am not aware of sucralose being one of them.