What happened to the vanilla flavor?

I’ve been getting several bags of vanilla for many years now and have always been happy with it (even after the 3.0 switch). However, the set of bags I received in April was way different; it tasted completely unflavored, and it mixed very thick. It was still labeled “vanilla”, but it clearly wasn’t. All five bags had this problem and were from the same lot. I assume it was some kind of labeling or other QC problem.

I emailed support and they shipped me replacements, no questions ask. Nice job support!

However… the five new bags have the same problem! Completely unflavored. They’re from a different lot than the previous bags, so either the problem happened again or the formula or flavor profile for vanilla has changed. What gives?

Regardless, I’m really disappointed. I’ve got ten bags of Huel that are extremely unappetizing. I don’t want to throw away tens of thousands of calories, but it’s pretty hard to stomach.

you could just experiment adding some vanilla extract until you get the flavour profile you like rather than wasting them.

If all else fails. Click this link :point_down: join and hope someone snaps up your Huel.

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Hey Evan, so sorry to hear of your disappointed and that this is the first thing you have posted on the forum. We never like to hear stuff like this, but I’m glad the CE team have done a great job as per usual!

Thanks for reporting this to us. We’ve noticed a small increase in messages like this so we are investigating it to see what is going on, if anything. We’re not worried at all about the quality or nutritional profile, but are investigating the flavour. Sorry again for the inconvenience, we’re taking a closer look.

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Thanks Tim, glad to hear it’s being looked at more broadly. It could be that I just had the bad luck to receive two faulty batches. I’m going to pause my subscription for one cycle and hopefully things will be better by the time the next one rolls around. I’ve been very happy with Huel for years, so I’m sure y’all will figure it out.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing a 2:1 mix of the unflavored and flavored bags which works well enough to balance things out without waste. Thanks folks for the other suggestions you gave.

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