What i think about huel

Hello everyone,
today i had my first huel shot!
I knew about huel since 2-4 weeks till i bought it.
I was afraid that i will buy something for 72Euros that i won’t eat.
It tastes more like a cake than a normal food haha.
I would like to know if it’s healthier than normal food, i would have no problems to drink only Huel! Even if this would be same good as normal food i would stick to Huel!

I’m glad that huel exists!

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Hello Damian,

People can live off 100% Huel, having a read through the forum, you’ll see people who are doing this currently!

It contains absolutely everything your body needs, so in terms of being “healthier than normal food”, I’d say absolutely. For me, it makes getting the right nutrients and vitamins my body needs a breeze!

Personally I wouldn’t go 100% Huel. I am currently trying Huel in the morning, lunch and then real food at dinner, although this is my first day, I already feel great. Way better than I have in ages.