What is 100%

Hello, I’m new to Huel, and am not sure/ a bit confused about the nutrient value. Does one meal of Huel provide 100% of the daily recommended amount, or do I need to replace all my meals with Huel to have this effect?

No, it’s not per meal, it’s per 2,000 calories (per day).


Hi Marcus, I am a newbie too and my primary use for using huel is to make sure I am getting the recommended daily amounts of nutrition. The calorie calculator tells me I need to consume 1200 calories a day to loose 1lb a week. How many fuels do I need per day to ensure I get full RDAS?



Hi Jenny,

Just take a good multi supplement at the same time. The RDAs (now called NRVs) are minimums anyway, so if in doubt it’s better to be a little over than be under.

The main ones to look out for from your multi will be niacin and iron. Niacin - if in the nicotinic acid form - has an upper limit of ~35mg, above which flushing can occur. Niacinamide/nicotinamide do not share such a limit. Iron has a 45mg upper limit, so bearing in mind Huel being high in iron, it may be wise to try to find a multi with reduced/zero iron in.

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