What is the best way to make 1 x 500cal meal a day?

New to Huel and want to use it as a lunch meal replacement. What is the best way to mix and in what quantities 1 x 500 cal meal?

I’m new too but it said in the literature that came with my box of Huel that 3 scoops is just under 500. 467 so I guess just slightly more than that

See this guide: https://huel.com/pages/how-to-use

No offense but there is so much good information on the main website, not just about how to use it but also about nutrition in general. Spend an hour having a read of the main site and you’ll get answers to all this.

Coup - no offence taken, you are right, if I had dug a little deeper I would have uncovered the answers that nykampmp sent me. On the plus side it did however save me an hour of reading.

Thanks to all who posted much appreciated. I do not think I need any more to post as my question has been clearly answered.