What tastes like it’s supposed to?

I’m a very fussy eater so before I buy I want to know what flavours actually taste like what they are supposed to. Can anyone help please ?

Unflavoured and unsweetened is a winner

Taste is subjective so you will probably get a load of different answers.

To me: cinnamon swirl - yes
Cookies and cream - like a weak bourbon biscuit.
Salted caramel - yes
Banana - not really
Berry - no
Vanilla - yes
Coffee - no

Mac and cheese - like a good vegan Mac and cheese
Thais green curry - quite good
Bolognese - yes
Tomato and herb - possibly

If you are a fussy eater you may be hard to please.

No offence, but asking other people for advice on how things taste is a bit of a road to nowhere. I would pick two bags based on the official flavour description and see how you get on.

For what it’s worth @hunzas missed out the original flavour which is my personal favourite. I has a malty flavour which is nice on its own but good to flavour with as well.

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I didn’t miss it out on purpose. I just don’t know how you say to someone original tastes like it ought to. Yes it tastes really original.

But yeah it’s a good flavour. Like a fine malt.

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Thank you that’s really helpful. What I should of written was I’ve tried other brands of shakes and the chocolate doesn’t taste of chocolate more like hazelnut and the strawberry tastes more like strawberry flavour medicine. I just wanted to know if huel actually tastes of the flavour or is it really artificial tasting but thank you for your replies

The 3.0 Unflavoured and Unsweetened definitely tastes after its ingredients (oats with a pinch of linseeds). If you already have some flavour boosts you like, you can use them with it, too.

In mint chocolate the mint taste is so strong, it rather reminds me of sage.
Cinnamon is quite close to reality.

Huel black or 3.0 banana: not at all.
Huel black chocolate: no.

Mac and cheese doesn’t taste like any real cheese I have eaten in my life.
Pasta bolognese comes much closer to the original, minus the sharpness of meat. Korma, madras make sense as well.

As Coup & Hunzas mentioned - you really are on a hiding to nothing asking peoples tastes opinions as yours will definitely be different to anyone elses. Personally - the only ones I ever thought tasted a little synthetic were the fruit premixes but not the RTD’s but then they kind of have weird properties for me. having berry or banana premix on their own I’m not a fan of but mixed together I find makes a nice natural/generic fruit mix flavour.

because it isn’t ‘real’ cheese - it tastes pretty much like any decent vegan cheese which for me means having a slightly sweet/coconut after taste. I counter this by adding black pepper to the H&S which I believe many others do also.


In addition to my last answer when I said no to berry it’s the berry powder I was referring to. The Berry RTD is delicious. The vanilla RTD to me tastes a bit artificial but the vanilla powder doesn’t

I’m a fussy eater too. Your result will probably vary like others have said, but I know where you’re coming from so here’s my thoughts:

Salted caramel - very caramely. I add a bit of milk and its delish.
Berry - doesn’t taste like it’s ever met a berry in its life but isn’t unpleasant. Just has a mildly sweet flavour.
Banana - no, doesn’t really have a strong flavour of anything.
Strawberries and cream - yes, tastes like it’s supposed to, particularly if you add milk.

Pasta bolognese - yep, tastes like bolognese. The protein bits aren’t super meat-like, but the taste is really good. I add a little garlic powder.
Mac and cheez - tasty and cheesy. It’s got the standard vegan cheez not-quite-dairy-ness to it but is tasty and the texture is good.
Chicken and mushroom - eh, not really.
Tomato and herb - yes, tastes like tomato and herb. The herb flavour is very strong which is okay if you like herbs!

In terms of the bars, I don’t like the newer black ones because they’re encased in dark chocolate which is too bitter for me. The 1.0s are good though - peanut, chocolate orange, and caramel all taste like they’re supposed to. White chocolate and raspberry is quite tasty but doesn’t taste like white chocolate or raspberry haha.

Re: ready to drinks, all of the ones that I have tried (vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel, banana) taste like they’re supposed to, other than berry which is like the powder i.e. not very berryish.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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If it’s any help there’s a (or at least used to be as I haven’t been on Facebook for a while) swaps group on Facebook. I’ve successfully swapped a portion of Huel powder for other flavours when I did want to risk wasting money on a bag I didn’t like. A low cost/risk way of finding out?

If you have access to them, ask on your Facebook or Nextdoor local group if there’s anyone who can give/sell them a meal’s worth of Huel so you can try it. Promise them that you’ll use their refer-a-friend link if you decide you’re interested.

I’ve recently started using Huel and bought a pretty big selection of stuff to try the flavours.

I’ve tried the following out so far:
Madras - Spicey and nice
Mexican Chilli - spicey and nice
Thai Green Curry - not spicy and very bland

Complete Protein
Raspberry - ok
Salted caramel - ok
Peanut butter - ok

Huel Bars 3.1
Chocolate - ok

The bars are ok, haven’t tried one yet that’s really made me think wow. But after a couple of days on 800 calories you appreciate them a bit more…

Ready made shakes
Chocolate - lush
Vanilla - lush
Easily my favourite out of everything but it was great to have a savoury meal at night that was a bit more substantial. I saved up my intake for an evening one night and ate two bowls of Madras and felt so full my stomach hurt!.

Yet to try:
Sweet and sour savoury
Tomato and herb savoury
Mint chocolate powder
Salted caramel black edition powder

Wow you’ve really made a dent on the product range! Which ones are you going to make part of your regular order? Sounds like a few of the Hot & Savoury flavours plus the RTD?

Interested to see what you think of the Powders.

It’s key to note that the RTD and Powders are different. Many people come to the forum to cite that the RTD tastes nothing like the Powder. So I just want to preempt that. With your powder, have a go at blending, adding ice, chilling in the fridge to make it smoother and as close to RTD as you can. But they are made with different ingredients and different methods.

I just gotta try them all. Even if I think I won’t like it I won’t be happy until I’ve tried it.
If I don’t like it I’ll use it up anyway :muscle:

Thanks Tim, will try the powders overnight in the fridge and see how I go with them :grinning:

Yeah the Thai Green isn’t for me at all :frowning:

I’m working my way through all the products to see which ones I like the best.

Pretty impressed so far, my pal tried the mixed box of bars and I kinda wish I had too now. But I like the ones I’ve tried so far, they aren’t the nicest bars I’ve ever eaten but after 8 days on an 800 calorie VLCD the taste has improved :blush:

I will make a Thai meal up for her to try and if she likes it then I’ll give it to her, otherwise it will sadly go in the bin :frowning:

I’ve lost 8lbs in 8 days and I’m not starving to death which is nice, when dieting I normally feel like that but weirdly the VLCD seems to take far less willpower, or maybe it’s the nutritiously complete Huel, who knows!!

I’m down from 22st to 14st 9lbs now and have really just tried all the diets going. When I plateau, I just try something different. This is by far the easiest I’ve ever tried, weirdly I was worried the most about this, thinking well if 500 calories down is hard, how is 1,700 down going to feel.

I will definitely be including Huel products in my long term eating plans for the future!

While I appreciate this is off topic, I would recommend reading the pinned post here

While I am happy for your progress I hope you are working closely with a registered dietitian to help monitor your VLCD :hugs:

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