What to order next?

Now I’m nearly through my bag of coffee premix I’m starting to think about my next order and trying to decide which premixes and which flavour boosts to go for.
I’m tempted by the following and would love some feedback from people who already use them to help me decide.

  1. Mint chocolate premix. Is this like mint Aero or After Eights or Mint choc chip ice cream or does it have a really strong mint flavour? I like all of the above, but hate mint leaves (no mojitos for me, I even hate fresh mint leaves as a garnish). Is the flavour boost a better bet?
  2. Rhubarb and Custard flavour boost. I like the sound of this. Rhubarb compote or rhubarb crumble are some of my favourite desserts. I’m also seeing potential in adding powdered ginger. Does it taste good or really artificial/oversweetened? I like quite a tart rhubarb flavour.
    All advice gratefully received. Unless it’s a suggestion to order Berry premix. The taste I had of a friend’s berry premix tasted like no berry I have ever eaten!
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The mint choc premix tastes like mint choc chip ice cream. More minty than chocolatey.
Whereas the mint choc flavour boost is more chocolatey: like minty chocolate.
Both are very nice in my opinion !
The premix is quite refreshing and especially nice with ice.
It’s not like fresh mint at all - defo more mint aero or mint ice cream, not spearmint or peppermint or mojito !
Personally I like the mint-choc premix plus cacao to make it more chocolatey (of course :laughing:)
I guess the safer option would be the boost because you can then experiment with quantity of boost added! It does have a slightly bitter taste to it tho because of the stevia (I think this is a good thing!).
It’s also less minty if you’re worried about too strong a mint flavour.
The premix can be adjusted too tho by adding cacao, or mixing with vanilla powder, or by adding plant milk.
I love them both. And buy both :laughing:

The rhubarb and custard boost has a very similar flavour to the original vanilla, very sweet and like cheap (ie not Cornish) vanilla ice cream (as opposed to the toffee flavour of new vanilla).
I didn’t find the rhubarb flavour strong enough for my tastes.
I found this boost too sweet personally, but if you like original powder or some of the sweeter flavours, you may like it.
I know @Bee is a fan!


I tend to use a full teaspoon of flavour boost (6g) in my 100g shakes. One sachet is not strong enough for me.


Yes I also use 5/6g of flavour boost per shake

@Liath why not add a box of flavour boost samples for £1.50 to your next order, but use them to make a mini shake 80g max. Just to try out the flavours.
Caramel, mocha, cacao and mint-choc are the 4 best boosts i reckon :drooling_face:

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I have ordered the flavour boost samples before but unfortunately the version I got didn’t have the Rhubarb and Custard flavour boost which was the one I really wanted to try.
I have to admit I found a lot of the flavour boosts underwhelming. That’s one of the reasons I’m asking about the mint choc, both the premix and the flavour boost. I didn’t think the mint choc flavour boost was very strong and I used the whole sachet with 75g vanilla premix.
I liked the banana, chocolate and caramel boosts which I ordered full bags of although I’ve since found the banana a bit syntheticy so I don’t use it as much. I have raw cacao anyway so use that rather than order the flavour boost.
It sounds like that mint choc premix could be a good shout and I can always add chocolate if I want to boost it a bit.

Thanks for the feedback @ChristinaT and @Bee.

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Yeah the mint choc needs a good heaped tsp!

Sounds like a plan :+1:t2:
Well worth a go I’d say - it’s one of my favourites.
I couldn’t drink it every day though, especially not for breakfast.
Works great for lunch or post-workout for me - delicious :yum:

Mint choc premix is a bit too intense for me. Like 90% mint 10% chocolate! But it’s not awful. Better than vanilla and Berry anyway…

I’m currently working my way through Vanilla flavoured with Twinings Cold Infuse - one teabag in 500ml soaking in the fridge the night before.

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Never seen those @DunsfordMage
What’s your verdict so far?

I like them, they add a hint of something else without being overpowering so maybe not strong enough for others ?



I’ve tried a couple of them in my water bottle and find the taste ok but quite weak admittedly I use one bag in 750ml so that is a weaker ratio than recommended; I’m not sure I’d taste much in Huel, but as I’ve never thought of that I’m tempted to give it a go.

I have some mango, passionfruit and orange here, which I see you don’t have.


Yeah, I just bought a random pack. I think I’ve tried them all just with water when they first came out. Just gives a little change to the original Huel.

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I will give it a go and feed back…

:+1:t2: For the mint chocolate premix. I think it’ll be even better with a boost of extra chocolate, but it’s good on its own. Also seems to be slightly thicker than vanilla in the same quantities (75g with 300ml water and 200ml Alpro unsweetened almond milk).

Good start to the new order though. I’ve got plenty to keep me going when I switch to close to 100% Huel from Monday. I’m having a new kitchen fitted so food prep is limited to blender or microwave for the next 3 weeks until my new oven and hob are in. I see a lot of Huel and soup in my near future.

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Also a thumbs up for the Rhubarb and Custard flavour boost and the Berry RTD. Sadly I wasn’t particularly impressed with the chocolate RTD. Didn’t taste particularly chocolatey to me, a bit bland.