When did you first buy Huel?

February 2016 for me… £45 was my first order.

Absolutely loving Huel Black at the mo. I definitely need to try V3.0 too.


July 2016. £45 too. Ah I remember those days, when you could catch the tram down to the market and buy a bag of Huel fresh from the fields, then buy a cinema ticket and still have change from £50.


It wasn’t like that back in early 2015 when I placed my first order. Times were different back then.

I remember it well, early March it was, we had to wait for Julian to come out of his home and look around to check the weather before foretelling the state of the Huel crop. I tell you; we were all so worried that he’d see his shadow and scamper back to his burrow (thus predicting six more weeks until the harvest was ready) but no, all was well!

Of course Julian never spoke to customers directly back then, but his inner circle (noticeable by their tuxedos and top hats) would communicate with him and announce his prognostication by reading a scroll out loud.

That’s how TopHatTim originally got his name and became so beloved by the forum. Of course these days he goes by TimOfficialHuel - but I hear he still wears the hat from time to time.


The first iteration of Huel was actually ground hog, but then they made it vegan and swapped in some oats.

pretty much a year ago - started off on a box of vanilla and berry RTD’s for first couple of months then moved onto 2-3 bags of powder a month. in those dark days, DHL still handled the shipping to here so got massively ripped off on bogus duty ‘estimates’ that were often more than the purchase price.

I first tried Huel on August 2016, it was a sample they used to sell.

I was previously drinking queal, but I got some expired pouches and I had a problem that they didn’t solve with one order and they were treating my in a way that I wasn’t feeling confortable so I moved on to Huel. I have to say that the customer experience here is brilliant I don’t have any complaint.

I knew it was healthier but the sample I first bought was disgusting in my opinion I couldn’t stomach it so I did throw the whole thing away … but I gave it another opportunity with a whole new pouch and finally I got used to it…

I have to say that I used to mix Huel with something else because of the taste but the formula has improved so match that I just drink Huel as it is (with or without lumps I don’t care) I really enjoy it, and the taste is very good in my opinion if we compare it with the Huel we had in the very beginning.

That was my experience and yes everybody is telling me that I’m doing the wrong thing and I should be eating food not drinking that weird thing… but… that’s another history :laughing:.

03-08-2016 :sunglasses: but then I stopped and started last year again

September 2018.

October 2018

July 25th 2017, how time flies when you are enjoying yourself!

Just before the 3.0 change, poor timing on my part :stuck_out_tongue:

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