Where are the success stories?

I ordered my first batch on Saturday night and while excitedly waiting, I’ve been absorbing every bit on information available to me online.

The thing I don’t really understand is there seems to be a distinct lack of weight loss success stories. I’m talking about people losing 50lbs+, big transformations and before and afters. I’m just surprised because even the most faddiest of diets seem to have bundles of whopper success stories.

Have I gotten the wrong end of the stick in thinking this is doable? I know it’s not Huels target market but I’m certain it had the potential to be huge in the weight loss industry?

Am I deluded in thinking I can lose a big chunk of weight with this product?

Am I missing all the success stories? Maybe Hueligans aren’t the type to post their successes all over Instagram and YouTube?

Looking forward to getting to know you all :wave:t3:

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Welcome to the forum!

I’ve lost 45 lbs so far. Might lose another 10, I’ll see how I feel. I only post about it here, on the product forum. I’ve no interest in promoting the brand and being a Hueligan or any of that.

If you look around this forum, you’ll find the success stories. I only post mine because other people have posted theirs and it’s nice to see.

HI Fin

It’s completely doable but like any good weight loss regime it also has to be combined with exercise and lifestyle changes to get significant or faster losses. I started on this path in January this year and to date have lost 70.5lbs/32kg and my target is to lose another 22lb/10kg.

I’ve eased back a bit lately though to try and give my skin some time to shrink in to the new frame. I have a pretty sedentary office life so really had to shake things up to get this done but definitely, introducing Huel as the major part of my diet has been a key factor in this loss.

I have lost 56lbs over a couple of years. Not by “dieting”, but by changing my lifestyle. How much food I eat, what I eat, and what exercise I do.

I haven’t written a diary or success story because that’s not really my thing.

Huel shakes and bars and another nutrionally complete bar have been vital in this. These products make up well over half my calories per week.

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I’ve lost 40lbs this year, partly due to using Huel to monitor my calories (but also due to doing more exercise). I posted it on a thread in here somewhere. It worked really well, and I’m now at a comfortable weight / BMI.

Err…I just Googled Huel weightloss YouTube - there is almost as much of that as there is cat pics


Yeah but they’re all @Coup wearing various disguises.


You will find plenty on weight loss by searching this forum and having a good read. There is so much information and advice on here if you look. You can lose a big chunk of weight using Huel because it is easy to measure and keep track of your calories. I lost a steady 1lb per week eating at a 500kcal deficit. Now I maintain my desired weight with no effort, give or take a lb either way.

Well here’s mine:

Slowly but surely.


I’ve lost 10% of my body weight in one week.

Not due to Huel but due to pesky bacterial gastroenteritis.

The ‘Huel success’ bit does come into it though - solid food is impossible so Huel is keeping me alive while I recover…

I’m using RTD because I’m literally too weak to shake a shaker (seriously no kidding).
I was feeling guilty about the plastic waste but when I went to put my black bin out just now, it was completely empty, and I only had one green box of plastic recycling to go out and some cardboard boxes.
So yes I created plastic waste. But I’ve put nothing in landfill this fortnight!

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Oh yuck, poor you @ChristinaT. Hope you are soon feeling completely back to normal. Yes I would definitely call that a Huel success :+1:

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My weightless blog is all about that. Cheap and does the trick.

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:laughing: a stone in a week
I didn’t think it was biologically possible !
Considering you have to burn 3000 calories to lose 0.5 kilos. That means I burned 36,000 just lying in bed (and running to the loo every 15 minutes).
Doctor measured my temperature and heart rate yesterday: 38 and 120
Turns out I’ve been basically running a marathon the entire week, that’s how hard my body’s been working.
That’ll explain the 6kilos…


How far away is your loo? In case I need to use it.

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Considering you live on a remote island, I think my loo is a very long way away for you to come. Maybe just use a bush. There’s plenty about


This sounds horrendous, get well soon, and/or congrats on the weight loss, you go grrrrrrl!

That reminded me of that 90s quote from Mariah Carey.*

“When I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean, I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.”

Unfortunately I just looked up the quote to get the wording right, and it turns out it was a fake satirical interview published online, that a bunch of papers and magazines quoted as real. So that’s a shame, I loved that stupid quote.

*Generation X material, sorry everyone!


I’m waiting for the new Spitting Image…

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I’ll watch it but I’m increasingly tired of political satire. It’s so toothless, and real life just gets more and more stupid. I read an interview where Edwina Currie said Thatcher loved Spitting Image. She could be lying (she has form) but it definitely kept us at home chuckling instead of chucking bricks.

You are absolutely right - politics is actually political satire now. Trump, Brexit, Boris…


We’re in an era where Lord Buckethead felt kinda like a serious dude.