Where is my order?

I’ve messaged on Instagram but I’m not getting a reply.

I made an order on 11th November and have still not received it or heard anything from yourselves, no attempted delivery, nothing.

If it wasn’t such a well known company with seemingly happy customers I’d wonder was it a scam.

My main reason for ordering was lack of money to make nutritious choices so now I have even less money.

Please can someone get back to me regarding this

You haven’t included your order in your above post.

I notice you only mention Instagram. Have you tried emailing the team on team@huel.com or using live chat on the website?

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I tried contacting Tim @Tim_Huel from Huel on Grindr re. my order and he blocked me.


Hey Fin, sorry for any delay to getting back to you, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can but there is just a lot more messages than usual due to some big changes to our fulfilment centres. Sorry again and we’ll sort this out ASAP.

Oh man, ghosting is so wrong!

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So is stalking…which may be his reason.

Hey @Tim_Huel,

Would it be worth posting an update on the fulfilment situation on the forum?

I placed an order on Saturday 23rd November, but haven’t received any communication beyond the order confirmation. I emailed team@huel.com yesterday but haven’t heard anything yet.

Same here. Ordered on 16th of November and have not heard anything or received anything even though I already send 3 emails to info@huel.com and support@huel.com.