Failure to deliver

Unfortunately, I have failed to receive an order from 10th January this year. I have had a break from Huel, as I seemed unable to get a customer service rep to deal with the problem at the time, and I needed a break from the increasingly frustrating process. Unfortunately, it seems the job definition doesn’t seem to fit all, or all least one, of the team.

As mentioned, I made the following order #1155105 on the 10th January this year. I would greatly appreciate some feedback to why this wasn’t delivered, and when it might be delivered.


Hi @ian_w have you tried live chat or emailing the team on

I’m really sorry to hear this! This is very strange.

We can’t see any reason why the order wasn’t fulfilled on our end so we will investigate this with our fulfillment team for the future.

In the meantime I have arranged for this to be re-sent for you, again we are terribly sorry about this if you have any issues at all with the order, please reach out on live chat, social channels or email and we can help you with this.