Which is the best option for powdered milk?

I am very interested in trying powdered milk, but I dont know the market, alternatives, macros and so on… I have seen that some that have up to 40% of sugar…

Is there any recommended powder milk for its nutrients, macros and processes?

But why?

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I want to try for efficiency and the shelflife. Milk is maily water (90%) + components. I want to try an alternative to get milk in a more efficient way, but as I am investigating, the powdered milk seems less healthy and not cheaper than regular milk

I’m starting to experiment with making my own oat milk, which comes to about 2.4p/100ml, vs 16 –18p/100ml for store bought oat milk or 4.8–5p/100ml for store bought dairy milk. Plus you still have the oat pulp, which I’ve been experimenting with using in fruit/nut bars. It’s easy to make. Add about 1.2p/100ml for calcium powder. Not sure if I’m going try to add B12, though, as I get enough elsewhere.

Might not be what you’re after though.

Mmm could be interesting, but not as “handy” as milk powder seems.

How do you prepare it? Have you followed any youtube guide?

Put 1:4 oats to water in blender, blend for 30–45 sec, pour through sieve, and done. I was surprised how easy it was.

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40% sugar is totally normal for milk powder, if the sugar is lactose.
Cow’s milk has about 5% lactose, 3,5-4% protein and >4% fat. If you remove the water in between, about 40-50% of sugar is what you are left with, depending on the fat content left.

Is that easy? Dont you have to let it rest for 1 day or something before the blending?

Nope. It really is that easy. I add a drop of maple syrup and a teaspoon of almond butter to mine but other than that it’s super simple. Use nice oats though, it makes a difference.

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Hi that’s a good idea for the oat milk. I usually dont get through a carton of soya milk quickly enough so you could make this recipe in small amounts. Wonder if recipe would work with coconut. I use kitchen roll in my seive to strain or a j cloth works as well. X😊

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