Why a free T-shirt, instead of an RTD bottle/flavour boost/bar

If you’re spending money to send some goodies to first-time users, why a T-shirt? Why not actual edible Huel stuff, such as, for a powder order:

  • A bottle each of each of the three RTD flavours.
  • A bar or two of each of the flavours. (I know you don’t ever send individual bars, that’s not going to stop people from wanting and asking for them :slight_smile: )
  • A few scoops each of powders of the other flavours (in addition to the powders ordered).
  • A few multiples of the flavour boost sampler pack.

If I wanted to buy a T-shirt or any form of clothing, Huel is certainly not the first (or even tenth) company I’d think of.

Because if people wear it, it’s “free” advertising for them?

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The same reason the shaker has Huel printed on the side. Its primary function isn’t to incentivise first-time buyers. The idea is that you have a free shirt, you might as well wear it, and the Huel name gets more exposure.

I’m pretty much a walking Huel billboard.
I have a Huel T-shirt, rucksack, hoody, water bottle, shaker and even a Huel towel for at the gym :laughing:
I wouldn’t normally choose to advertise any brand, even one I like, but I like free stuff and it’s all useful so here i am… the walking advert :joy:

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Hahaha I didn’t know they did Huel towels