Reducing waste by removig t-shirts?

So I have just placed an order for another two bags of huel and got this reply:

“Our mission is at the core of everything we do. In our attempt to reduce waste and be kinder to the planet, we have removed the below promotional item from your order.” (T-shirt)

I am very confused with this policy…

Non recycable huel bags are ok.
New plastic shakers and scoops that you get with each order are ok.
T-shirts that are actually useful and are being used daily? -No, this is a waste! Guess i should run naked.

Wouldn’t it be easier just to cancel t-shirts without this nonsense about the waste?

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You get new shakers and scoops with your order? Send them my way i’m still stuck with my originals!

Sure! Just pay for the shipping :grin::+1:

I am confused too. You only receive a “free” promotional t-shirt with your first order not subsequent orders.


Are they the old style scoop or the new ones? I’m oldschool, new ones require half a scoop, madness!

I think the t shirt was removed because it was not your first order and therefore the order does not include a promotional t shirt. However, the given reason appears to have not been stated as such.

T-shirts are for first time customers, no one needs a new t-shirt in each order, I don’t think that’s unreasonable!

Sorry if this has happened to you, this shouldn’t be the case. Hueligans should get a shaker and two scoops with their first order. Although there has before been problems in our systems that sends them out more frequently, hopefully we have ironed this out since your last order.

We’re working on recyclable pouches but not at the risk of food waste. Currently the pouch is strong, keeps out light and gives Huel a 12 month shelf life. The packaging waste is minute.

If you had 1000kcal of Huel a day, in one entire year you would use 53 pouches of Huel. Here I am holding that amount of waste in one hand. Think about the amount of waste thrown out each week in our bins from other packaging waste.
huel pouch plastic

Shouting eureka?! Just because you didn’t get a 2nd Huel t-shirt that doesn’t mean you have to throw away all your clothes! If you have never received a Huel t-shirt, we will absolutely get one out to you with our apologies!


Saw this on the news Tim about a group repurposing multi-layer packs (potato chips) in a novel way in the UK - always good to see people coming up with innovative ways to handle unrecyclable waste like that.

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Each pouch of Huel White contains 6800kcal according to Kelp removal in v3.0 Powder and changes to pouch size - information on a steady roll out

365 days/year × 2000 kcal/day = 730000 kcal/year

730000 kcal/year ÷ 6800 kcal/pouch = 107.35 pouches

Hence it would be 108 pouches, not 53 pouches. I know because I eat 2000kcal of Huel every day.

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I present to you, Monday morning. Many thanks, edited! :slight_smile:

There was a funny Twitter thread started by Gary Lineker yesterday. It was basically referencing the toilet roll shortage and how he’d once sht himself on the pitch. Some bright wag replied he could use empty Wakers packets as toilet paper. A brighter wag suggested not salt and vinegar flavour …!

that reminds me of old school days when the toilets had this weird laminated toilet paper called Izal that didnt really wipe - more sort of redistributed


I think part of the problem is that any one time order you make, a shirt is added by default to the basket and the customer has to actually remove it and say they don’t want it which could be easily overlooked.

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In my infant school we used to actually be sent to the toilets to rip off a sheet to bring back to the classroom and use as tracing paper…
It worked as tracing paper
It didn’t work as toilet paper
Truly strange


This allows me to give another anecdote about my wife. Primarily to amuse @David She went to an expensive all girls school…and despite the fees the pupils toilets had that stuff…one of the pranks she did was swapping the soft stuff in the teachers’ toilets with Izal. And caused a sh*tstorm. She eventually got expelled, but not just for that.

I never encountered the stuff myself despite going to an all boys school.

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have yourself a nostalgic trip down memory lane then - they are apparently collectible now although unsurprisingly, not very valuable

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That’s her birthday present sorted then.

Although she wasn’t at school in the 60s, so not sure when it was phased out.

early 80’s thanks in part to the Andrex puppy

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