Why I'll never stop taking Huel

I got an email through there about Huel. They had a post about getting people to accept that Huel isn’t some magic potion that helps you feel better, sleep better and look better.
But to be honest, that’s exactly what it’s been for me.
I never had any issue with sleeping, but I feel noticeably far better.
The big difference for me, was walking to and from work. Or just walking into the City Centre in general.
Before Huel, I was never in the mood for that. It’s a 60 minute walk to the City Centre and a 2-Hour walk to work. It just seemed way too long.
Since Huel though, I regularly walk into town, and on nice days, even walk home from Work (I don’t walk TO work because I’m in my bed for as long as I can possibly be then get the train there at the last minute!).
Huel hasn’t given me more energy though (which is what most people assume when I tell them about my walking habits)… It’s more like I just feel very nourished. My body, my bones, my muscles, my mind, my resolve, my motivation (for physical activity at least), just feels very full and healthy.
I feel like I’m nearly always ready to give things a good try.
I remember before Huel, I’d walk down the stairs in the morning and be achy… I don’t get that anymore.
I remember I’d walk to town and just feel like I can’t be bothered and I’d jump on a bus… I don’t get that anymore either.
Even during that whole debacle when there was something wrong with Huel and everyone was saying it tasted like melted plastic… I quit Huel for about 4 months and couldn’t wait to get back on it, because everything was going wrong. I couldn’t walk as far, was unmotivated a lot of the time. So as soon as that issue was resolved I was back on Huel.

So yeah… I’ll never stop taking Huel, because it truly has changed my life… And that’s what I tell everyone I know about it.
In the past 3 years, I’ve probably ingested more nutrients than the previous 34 years. It’s great stuff.


similar experience myself, its like my body is a machine and all the components are upgraded.

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Could you attach that email? Because if that was from Huel I didn’t received.

I completely agree with you. I always had a great nutrition at my home, we cook very very good, but the idea or the concept of having complete powdered foor ready to eat at any time and knowing that its going to not only nourish me but also fill me good and well is also super powerful.

My friends and family now about this and they think its bullshit, that is not healthy or that they rather have junk or low quality real food than to drink a shake.

Spain or the mediterranean countries are very foodie countries, its very difficult to introduce a product like huel because normally we eat very great and cheap most of the time.

I have been always a beta tester, a geek and I couldnt afford to be a late consumer of this kind of trend, thats why I started with this kind of food since 2014

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Hi Steven, I’m curious if you are on 100% Huel or just integrating it into a healthy eating regime with frequent exercise?
I’m currently using Huel (3 shakes a day) plus Twenny bars (2 a day) which means I’m eating 2000 calories a day. I’m combining this with intermittent fasting and I feel great so I can relate. My energy levels are through the roof.

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It was really lovely to read through your post Steven! Thank you so much for sharing it, it’s made our day :clap: :hugs:

I’ve no doubt that most of that energy is from your own motivation and commitment, walking an hour each day is no mean feat! Here’s to your motivation and resolve! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us.


no mean feet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have Huel for Breakfast every morning. 100g and 50g of Frozen Fruit in a blender. Usually just water, sometimes milk.
Occasionally I’ll have a Huel later on in the day, depending on how far I’ve walked and if I have room for the calories.
I’ve been considering trying the fasting. When I was at work, I was managing it pretty well for a few days, since I don’t feel so hungry when I’ve just woke up and head out to work, then I’m out most of the day, then walk home and have food after a 24 hour fast, but on the poor weather days I don’t feel like that walk home and also, just with the Cov situation, my work was one of the first places to closedown, and there’s no way I’d be able to fast while I’m just sitting about the house.
I have considered trying to do at least a few days with 100% Huel as well.

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