Will taking complete Huel protein break a morning fast?

Or is the carbs low enough to be able to take this in the morning and still be in ketosis and fasting

I fast in the mornings but have a 150g per day target of protein while weight lifting

Thinking to have a protein shake in the morning but I also plan to keep fasting in my life most days

Anybody who knows more than me…

I’m no expert but Huel protein has 105 calories a scoop so it breaks fast. As far as I’m aware (correct me if I’m wrong) a fast only works if you have zero (or very minimal) calories.

The simple answer is yes. Breaking a fast is not about carbs but about calories. There’s some debate around whether drinks like coffee + milk break a fast.

I think it depends on your goals and what you’re trying to get out of fasting to work out whether this should matter to you.

Hmm yeah. It makes sense it will break a fast.

I am curious though if it would break ketosis which is related to low carbs and burning fats.

If I can stay in ketosis I don’t mind if I break the fast

It will depend on what else you eat throughout the day, but you’re absolutely right that Complete Protein is low enough in carbs to help keep you in ketosis.