Will you be returning to the Gym?

In what country do you live? Here they are still closed.

Do you have any ideas how to make trampoline workouts more effective? Or which other equipment should I get? Are there more effective home workouts? I am grateful for every advice.

I live in England, ours reopened on Monday.

To be honest I don’t think you’re going to be able to achieve much with a trampoline. For cardio at home I’d recommend an exercise bike and a rowing machine.

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Using a trampoline for exercise has its ups and downs.


What is wrong with a trampoline? Not effective enough?

What about running/doing high knees on the spot?
At least as long as it is quite cold outside? The problem is also that it helps me to watch videos during exercise, which is not possible when running outside.

Trampolene is what I use to clean our local street drinkers.


It depends what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking to maintain/increase aerobic fitness then any exercise which increases your heart rate sufficiently to 65-85% of your max heart rate will work. On a rebounder/mini trampoline that might mean high knees, running on the spot or star jumps rather than gentle bouncing. I would say if you are able to watch videos whilst on the trampoline then it’s unlikely you are exercising with sufficient intensity.

If you are looking to build or maintain muscle mass or strength then you need to choose something else.

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Well, I can’t watch videos with real content, mostly music videos or other “light” stuff.

Cycling is a good idea, no question. I already have a turbo trainer, just need a bike after the last one has been stolen. Also consider getting an ebike (to replace my motor cycle, for commuting). Do you know whether it is possible to use a turbo trainer with an ebike? Or should I get a normal one?

You can disable the power assistance on an ebike so then it becomes just a regular bike?

What is this Gym of which you speak? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Suffice to say that, no, I will not be returning to a gym as I gave that sort of thing up years ago. I hated the smell of other people’s sweat and their grunting noises, plus the unutterable boredom of it all :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Same reason I gave up orgies.

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With the experience of lockdown(s) I think people have realised that you can still be a lean machine or whatever you like to be. So I’m not sure how many people, compared to figures pre-lockdown will return (at least in this moment in time!)

I agree to some extent, one thing I will say is that there are no wait times at home. I just remember seeing gym junkies queuing up for the bench rack watching you. Typical thoughts were bruh my chest ain’t gonna make gains itself!!! or Seriously?? That many reps? How many more sets you got? Can’t you go somewhere else? Oh great now I’m cold, I’ve got to warm up again etc. etc. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

On a serious note, I’ve truly realised this and am very happy with my health from just working out in my garage, using just weighted bands and my bodyweight!! :muscle:

Currently I hate working out, maybe due to a mixture of underweight and much work (on some days not sedentary), a recent change of jobs and moving to a new city. Lack of energy combined with mental and sometimes physical exhaustion due to a low body weight which makes me less stress resistant. Two light workouts per week, often only half an hour, that’s it more or less at the moment…

Can you give me some tipps how to change it? Something that helped you?

@mbs here are some things that help me motivate myself to exercise:

  • Do exercise you enjoy. Sounds like maybe you enjoy cycling, since you own a turbo trainer. So perhaps, when you can, get a new bike. It would be a a great way to explore this new city you’ve moved to as well and might increase the enjoyment. I love cycling when it’s around interesting places!
  • Set a program and plan your sessions. This really works for me, especially if it involves the gym. Nothing worse then just turning up and not knowing what to do. Before embarking on a new set of training I will sit down and spend time looking at my diary and working out which workouts fit in on which days and making sure that I have sufficient rest between muscle groups. Then, I put it in my calendar and it makes me stick to it and then when you stick to it you progress and that motivates me.
  • Workout in the morning before work. Again, works for me, might not for you. But in the evening there are more things that could get in my way (like work running over or maybe I’m tired and can’t be bothered). In the morning the only thing stopping me is me. It makes me feel great for the day knowing I’ve done my exercise. You might find yourself a little weaker or slower, but if the trade off is either that, or just not doing it after work, then a slightly less effective workout is better.

Hope that helps!

Missed this, had a good ol’ chuckle. :laughing:

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I am actually back to the gym now, it’s been great to get back and I have gone during quiet times with no more than 4 people in the room at any one time. Most people have been brilliant with the guidelines but there was this one guy who obviously didn’t give a shit.

I wish the gyms would open again here in Germany…found a way to do workouts otherwise, but I always worry that this might not be as efficient as these are home workouts (high knees/sprints and trampoline training).