Will you be returning to the Gym?

Will you return to the gym?
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  • No
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On the back of the home gym question. A year in lockdown I assume that some of you have bought your own equipment for home gyms. Will you want to return to the gym or will you go back when comfortable? Or will you not go back at all.

I will be returning but only when I feel safe to do so. I miss the social side of things and I don’t have a bench press setup at home or squat rack. I also miss swimming.

I’m excited about it, there’s certain things that are just difficult to train with home workout equipment. Looking forward to going and doing some strength training with deadlifts and squats, and like you doing bench press/dumbbell chest as I’ve been doing press ups for the last year (great exercise but looking forward to some variety).

We are so lucky at Huel HQ, we have a gym in our warehouse, I think there’s plans to extend it a little and add in a another rack and more cardio equipment. Can’t wait to get back!


Love the gym photos, and the fact you have a gym! Do you have a rowing machine there? Love rowing machines.

That gym looks amazing

That’s my wife.

I know, so so cool right. We’re very lucky to have this. Yes we have one rowing machine! Here you can see a single handle :laughing:


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When do we get our invites?

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I mean whaaaaat! Now that’s something to aspire to!!!

I personally can’t work out once more at home

  • kids running in
  • too close to your computer/work
  • focus on fewer movements leading to strain
  • lack of equipment
  • lack of competitiveness

Yada yada! Bring on the 12th April

I’m a member of a gym (David Lloyd), but I don’t use the actual gym - I find the notion of a gym workout to be the single most boring, soul-destroying activity a person can do, even worse than washing up by hand.

I use my membership for playing tennis (my two nearest David Lloyds both have tennis courts and provide group coaching), which I restarted on Wednesday. It was good exercise and was nice to be back around other like-minded humans that are not in my immediate household. Now back to playing twice a week - Wednesday and Saturday - until we have to lockdown again.

A setup like that beats almost all gyms out there - Whoever designed that (guessing James?!) should go commercial.

Serious lack of gyms like that in this country - They’re all full of lycra and row upon row of treadmills. A gym chain which educated subscribers on weight training benefits vs cardio with appropriate equipment and expertise would take off!

I’d drive to Aylesbury for a session there :joy:

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I won’t be rejoining my gym. The saving I make covers my Huel subscription so I’m on a winner with that.

Yes I will definitely be returning and can’t wait too get back especially running on the treadmill. My feet and knees don’t like running outside on concrete and get injured more especially with some of the cambers out there

Day 1. I miss my group classes.

Yes @JamesCollier designed it/ordered the kit! Then Julian and I found the order list and just kept adding things to it :smirk:


My gym looks like this :joy: I actually hate exercise but this game makes it fun. I’ve been trying to exercise more since starting Huel and it’s been going pretty good!

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Just make sure you cycle the skills you use for the battles. Once I got hip shake that was my go to move because it was fun :sweat_smile:

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I wonder whether workouts at home can be really effective. I’ve tried to replace the treadmill at the gym with running and jumping on a mini trampoline at home. How would you rate the effectiveness in comparison? Is it really “equal” regarding the training effectiveness?

Depends on what you’re replacing. Running & jumping in place on a trampoline won’t match up to actually running (whether on a treadmill or outside). You should try running outside, just be aware that if you’re used to a treadmill doing your pacing for you, running outside will feel difficult because you have to pace yourself. But if you do, say, HIIT exercises, there’s no reason why it can’t be just as effective at home. The difference may be that without a gym instructor keeping you accountable, you might be inclined to half-arse things, or give up a bit earlier than you would otherwise, that sort of thing, but that’s just a individual thing

Whereas for me, I’m a powerlifter. I can’t recreate deadlifts and heavy back squats at home. Holding an 11kg bag of rice and squatting is alright, but it’s obviously not the same as a 20kg bar loaded up with another 30kg+ of plates.

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First day back in the gym today. Pretty happy with how it went as was my PT. Deadlifts, back squats, lat pull downs and rows. Very pleased to manage 2 sets of deadlifts at 5x75kg after a few warm up lighter sets. Haven’t trained since November and I’d previously got up to 2x95kg so not a bad start although I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow!

So good to be back though :grin:


I have missed the gym and very glad to be back. Although it was virtually empty at 7pm on Thursday which I found odd as it had been busy earlier in the week.

Happy birthday @Liath :birthday:

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