Working conditions at Huel

Reading about the plight of Pernod Ricard staff who (have to) enjoy their companies products during working hours got me thinking about the Huel offices.

Reckon it’s all RTD or are some sneaking into store rooms and quietly eating sandwich deals in secret?



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I wonder if going to the chip shop and eating it in the office kitchen is frowned upon

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@Coup I think this is frowned upon in EVERY office. The smell of hot chips wafting past everyone’s desks will result in half the office suddenly needing to ask you something important so they can nick a chip while they are there, and the other half will mutter what a d*ck you are cos they are hungry/on a diet/or now have to go get chips themselves even tho they already made a packed lunch


No sneaking, we eat what we like at lunch whether that’s Huel or something else. The whole point of Huel is flexibility.

When we’re out with work or treating ourselves at work (in office hours or not) all meals are plant-based.

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Dammit @Coup now I need chips

Does that mean everyone is vegan at Huel or is the office some kind of vegan zone?

It means they order burgers and Tim shouts “they eat grass so it’s basically all plants”.

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Reads to me like it means Huel only provides vegan food, not that staff can’t bring their own non-vegan food.

Smoke grass and eat big Mac’s all day


The Pernod thing reminds me of my stint working onsite at Mondelez (the Cadbury people) in Asia – it’s definitely a fun atmosphere but not very healthy - as you are literally bombarded with free chocolate (at holiday seasons like Easter and Christmas this is off the charts). Having free Huel while you work sounds a much more appealing proposition.

@Kaedius345 has got it. If people want to eat a meal that isn’t plant-based that’s fine. I’d say about 90% of the office has Huel at some point which reduces their environmental impact.

Being militant turns a lot of people off from doing good (think about a “cartoon” vegan).

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Oh I didn’t mean vegan zone in a particularly negative sense like you had a security guard searching people for steaks on the way in, just curious about company culture and whether veganism was encouraged.

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We’ll never get the revolution started with that attitude comrade Dan


Oh don’t worry we have security guards too and a meatal detector.

We’ll catch them by surprise this way.