World Porridge Day

I hope this is okay to post.

As we all know, oats are a key ingredient in Huel products and we also know how nutritious oats are. A superfood, complex carbohydrates and almost nutritionally perfect and yet, very inexpensive.

Now, and I didn’t know this at the time, October 10th was World Porridge Day and one of the major Scottish companies (Hamlyns) who produce quality Scottish oat products, marked the day of fundraising and and awareness by recognising the two million porridge meals that Mary’s Meals provide to children in nineteen different countries. Now, that’s a huge achievement. Two million starving children a day, enjoying a filling and nutritious meal.

Also, Hamlyns marked the day by publishing my recipe for Brose. One of the oldest and simplest meals you can get, next to Huel in simplicity, of course. They’ve also added my anecdotal points on the food and the tradition behind it.

I think it’s great that Hamlyns are celebrating the day of such a fantastic achievement made by Mary’s Meals.

You can see the article on Hamlyns web site below:

Now, wouldn’t it be great if we had a World Huel Day? Celebrating 150 million meals. Just like porridge, Huel is a food that can bring nutrition to starving people all over the world. The difference between Porridge and Huel is that Huel just requires cold water. That makes Huel much easier to produce and distribute to relief agencies and third world countries. Even better, Huel has a one year shelf life and that makes Huel perfect for supplying to the various agencies and charities for distribution to those who really need it.

Porridge oats. Huel. Both can make such a difference to hungry people.

Some food for thought, if you forgive the pun.


Thanks for sharing this, really interesting and cool your recipe was shared on the oat company’s site! So was brose the original porridge? Or was it just a more convenient porridge because it was made in a mug not on a stove?

To be fair we could absolutely create a World Huel Day but it would be quite self-congratulatory! However, on the subject of meals and feeding those in need, we actually are partnered with FareShare. Basically we never send out Huel which is close to expiry as we would get many complaints (quite rightly), but instead of letting perfectly good food go to waste we give it to FareShare who then distribute it across the UK - food banks, community centres, centres for vulnerable adults, supported housing and those who are homeless and more. We donated over 20,000 meals last year :blush:


Thanks for this, David and great that you got your own Brose recipe published. Porridge is one of my favourite breakfasts but I am going to try making a batch of overnight oats for a change using rolled oats and a variety of chopped nuts, seeds and fruit. I have a few empty mason jars which are just the right size for this. I have a feeling that Brose would not suit me too well, steel cut oats being harder to digest than rolled oats. Sounds lovely though!