1/2 as sweet

My wife’s finding both sweetened versions too sweet, and the unsweetened unpalatable.

Having to mix power from bags of sweetened and unsweetened is a pain.

Not asking for solutions. Just grumbling


Lots of us have to do that…
I actually really like UU tho so in future I will probably only buy that.
Although I find the mint choc one okay and not too sweet although I do add cacao which reduces the sweetness and adds chocolateyness!

Out of interest, which flavour(s) are you finding too sweet?


I’ve never tried the UU, but why is it so different? Why do some people find it so unpalatable, when it’s in essence just not sweetened and no taste added?

@ROAG I really like UU
What’s your opinion of plain oat porridge made with water - no milk, no honey, no sugar, no salt?
If you like plain oatmeal / porridge you will probably find UU okay.
I also like Pulsin pea protein - I drink it in water - it’s earthy and plain and IMO delicious. Lots of people think plain oats and / or pea protein is unpalatable - if you’re one of these people, you will struggle with UU.

I’d recommend trying it - if it’s not to your taste you can always mix it with the others or add flavour boosts or cacao or coffee or flavour drops


I was actually planning on buying it, because I’m also not 100% happy with artificial sweeteners, especially because I’m breastfeeding (it’s more a belly-thing, not something coming from my scientific mind so actually completely unfounded, I know). But reading SO many people saying it’s disgusting, I’m apprehensive to try it.

I’ve never eaten porridge with only water, I always ad milk (no sugar). But I have chewed raw oatmeal and find it a normal and bland taste. Nothing repulsive. Is is something like that?

U/U needs a progressive adaptation, at the beginning I couldnt bear a full UU, now I put 2 of UU and 1 of vainilla/chocolate

@ROAG yes it’s similar to plain oats
I don’t know why people find it so bad
I really like the flavour
You can always add milk or natural flavours if it’s too plain for you


K! I was worried it tasted like mud or dried raw peas or something! Will definitely give it a try now :slight_smile:

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Yes, tastes can change over time. Mine certainly have. I can quite happily drink unsweetened or sweetened versions now, plus or minus flavour boosts, with equal enjoyment.

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Do you get Vanilla or Original? I find Vanilla awful sweet while Original much less sweet, and way better “vanilla taste” too. Just my 2p.


I get both. I find Original sweeter than Vanilla, which just goes to show how much our individual tastebuds differ.

Nothing wrong with mixing the powders together to get the sweetness you need to suit your taste (or recipes).