1 bag in - thoughts!

I’ve just now finished my first bag of Huel. I’ve been eating it (?) for just about one month, and it’s WONDERFUL.

I was always skeptical about powdered meal replacements, and have traditionally had a really unhealthy relationship with food - yoyo dieting, stressing out about everything I’m eating, and beating myself up over every piece of chocolate. Huel is truly helping me get past that unhealthy mental attitude.

Every day, I wake up, and wait until I feel a bit hungry. Then, I make myself a 500ml-ish Huel smoothie with a few berries, sometimes a banana, sometimes with a coconut water base, sometimes a bit of peanut butter, sometimes some espresso… whatever sounds good to me. I use about 1.5-2 scoops of (vanilla) Huel, so, my smoothies are probably around 400-500 calories each.

Then, I’m not hungry until dinner, and at dinner I eat whatever floats my boat. That’s the most important thing - I figure out which food I want the most, and make it for myself, and eat until I am sated. I’m no longer stressing out about food all the time! Sometimes I have cheeseburgers ^.^

I work out several times per week and Huel has not only made my life easier, but it keeps my energy up, keeps me from eating a bunch of crap for breakfast/lunch, and I’m pretty sure I’m slowly but surely losing weight (I refuse to weigh myself because it just makes me anxious).

I actually feel kind of gross on rare days when I don’t have Huel for breakfast - I feel more sluggish and heavier.

Really psyched to keep it up. :slight_smile: