1 Month on Huel. Over 4 Inches off my waist

I ordered Huel while laying in bed in pain. Id just finished my two plates of food and could hardly move. I measured by belly and it was at 46 inches… My 36 inch waste trousers could no longer fit. I wanted to change.

My problem is ive always had a see food diet. If i see it i must eat it. In fact i could often not sleep because i knew i had a treat of some form in my kitchen. I cant motivate myself to stick to a diet if im surrounded by temptation. My other flaw is im stingy, i knew by committing money into a product, id have to use it. If i liked it or not. Buying a months worth of Huel ensured this for me.

I wanted to do a 100% Huel diet. For the first week i did, strictly 3 or 4 meals a day (3 scoops a time). i ate nothing else. I got the vanilla version and found that it not only filled me up (This comes from the person who had multiple plates of dinner) it also removed my sweet tooth. I compare the taste to readybrek… in a good way. The taste to me is really none offensive and i grew to look forward to my Huel.

I then decided to ‘reward’ myself with a take away. I probably had more than 4 in the 4 weeks of being on my ‘diet’.

After the first week i decided that i would be allowed to eat what ever i like on the weekends. But be strictly Huel only on the week days.This for me worked. On the weekends i found that i actually ate a little less than i would have before. I havvent been binge eating as i would used to. But i have been eating chocolate, cakes and bread. I find myself feeling stuffed yet ive only eaten ‘normal’ amounts of food.

As far as the Huel side of my diet went, i had no adverse side affects. The first thing i noticed is that i deflated. I was constantly bloated from my bad eating pattern and diet. I never ate badly, just ate alot of it, in all the wrong times of the day. (Ie, no breakfast some days, massive feast others. No lunch… Ever. but then a plate overflowing onto two plates and half a loaf of bread for dinner when i got in around 9pm minutes before bed…)

Positive side effects:
Im sweating less - used to be dripping at work.
Balding seems to have stopped… Sounds crazy, probably from the lack of stress of loading and unloading the dishwasher now.
I can fit in my 36 inch trousers again

Negative side effects:
Nothing health wise
I have been stopped twice by security/police (I work in high profile, high security areas) while adding fluids to this strange looking powder… so im sure to now do this out of sight in the van! This is the only negative to the whole diet that i can think of!

Im now a month in, having a Huel on the Sunday evening feeling guilty about my weekend of eating normal food. Despite this i re measured my belly. Its bang on 40 inch. This is at the same time and day that i took my last measurement. I feel stuffed to the point of being bloated, yet my waist is so much smaller.

If like me you have little will power for a ‘proper diet’ Huel is the way, its easy to stick to. I am eating additional meals (Lunch) which i never used to eat at all. This ensured i was full all day and it was often a struggle to eat my final shake when i got home. You will not be hungry, id rather be fat than hungry.

I love food. There is more to life than having a perfect body, but if huel enables you to eat what you like when you like and still lose weight… Its the perfect solution. Im sticking to Huel, in another months time i hope my belly will be the same size as my waist.


Inspiring post!!:smiley:

For some reason I have fallen off the ‘HUEL’ track but I started back today…then I just read this and it confirmed my reasons even more.

I find the 3 scoops do the trick ( although 400 cals!) however I do cross fit regularly so as long as I have one healthy meal a day I’m good. It will take a few days to get myself back ‘on it’ as it were but I am dertermined.

Just about to order some now! The Mocha flavour is my all time fave at the mo :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

K x

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That’s amazing! About to get back on huel and in a similar situation to what you was (although I’m now finding my 38"s are tight!)

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Hey! Are you still using huel and have you kept up with the weight loss?


Let’s give him a tag @Liam_Edward_Philpott and find out shall we, if he gets the tag that is. It would be good to find out if he stuck to Huel, even though he only ever did the one post in September 2017 and never came back,



Helloooooo…anybody there? :wave:

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Hahahahah chokin’ here :rofl::rofl::rofl: