100% Huel black only diet

Hi :slight_smile:

Has anyone tried Huel Black only for an extended period of time?

I’m considering running this trial for 8 weeks for fat loss:

2 scoops (100g) Huel black plus 500ml almond or coconut milk x 4 per day

8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm

Would be very interested to hear anyone’s experiences or opinions!


Have done 100% Black and had no averse reaction.

As for fat loss, you could go 100% broccoli and not lose weight - Any diet plan with a caloric deficit will cause a fall in body fat.


I’ve been on nearly Huel for about six months and been doing well.
Started with original and using black now. I also use H&S

I found that having only sweet shakes all day didn’t work well for me, there were times where I didn’t want another shake. Hence H&S works well if you mix that in.

I also have the odd meal with family etc and do snack


I decided to do 1 shake in the morning then H & S for lunch and a normal meal for dinner.
It took me a few weeks to fully introduce both into a daily routine but since I have I’ve so far lost over half a stone in 3 weeks.
I’m really loving it as well which is half the battle.


Hey William, great to see you back and here that your initial plan is working well! And that you’re loving Black Edition. Keep it going, you’ve got this!

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It’s my 3rd week of Huel Black (3-4 times a day) and Huel H&S (1-2 times a day) and I’m doing great :slight_smile:
I’ve lost some body fat according to my scale (around 2%), but there are probably some other things that contributed.
Good luck with your trial Pistol!

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Great to have you here, @wero. Are you having full meals of your Black Edition and Hot & Savoury? Scales can be a little inaccurate, measuring body fat is quite a complex thing, so if those scales don’t give you the numbers you wanted don’t worry. Use other markers, like how you look and feel too!

Thanks, @Tim_Huel ! Yeah, I’m always having two scoops. I agree, how I feel is a good indicator! And I feel great. Actually, before Huel, I was on a box diet for a year, had constant bloating, diarrhoea, cravings… Since I’m on Huel I have none of these. Slowly losing some pounds, but it’s not that important. I guess in a year timeframe I will get back to the normal level of body fat (I have some extra body fat, but I’m not overweight, so it’s just a body composition thing).

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