100% Huel for 5 weeks in Arctic Norway + Sponsorship?


Our names are James and Joe, this summer we will be completing a 5000-mile roundtrip to Arctic Norway to complete our final university dissertation projects. We are both studying for a degree in Geology and will be driving from the South-West of England to Arctic Norway where we’ll spend 5 weeks camping and living in a small, remote cabin completing our geological mapping projects. While there, we will have little to no access to shops for large periods of time and are looking to Huel as a solution to maintain a complete diet. We will be spending each day hiking within the mountains collecting data and will require a diet that can support us through this active lifestyle.

We’d be looking to buy upwards of 26 bags of Huel, half Original and half Gluten-Free, to consume through our time within the Arctic Circle as our single source of food. One of us are celiac and trying to acquire gluten-free food in such a remote location would be incredibly difficult, Gluten-Free Huel will allow for a healthy balanced diet in such a location. We are enquiring, with hope, of any chance of sponsorship of our project. We would love to be partnered with Huel while it powers us through our journey. We’d be more than happy and willing to take photos for Huel and our own social media outlets as promotions of products during our research projects and include our diet into our already planned blog.

We hope this is a project and challenge that the Huel Team or anyone with an interest in adventure, travel and healthy living would be interested in. We will post and share our journey when it begins on the 23rd of June.

Thank you,
James and Joe


Wouldn’t this be better done via e-mail ?


My thoughts exactly Jaijai… :+1:

Huel is low carb. Is this the food source you want in such extreme conditions? Mind, I’ve lived exclusively off huel for 12 months working as a software developer and going to the gym every day so I know how good it is. But in the Arctic, where people need 9k/cal a day? Are you sure?

31P 31C 31F isn’t particularly low carb!


While we will be deep into the arctic circle, in the summer the weather conditions are not so extreme. We are still trying to work out required calories, if you have suggestions they’d be appreciated. thank you

Asking for advice for an Arctic expedition of a food forum? Are you sure you really understand what you’re doing?

Shouldn’t you be talking to experts? Someone with a SF background? Other explorers? Hell, check if one of us is even Sami at least.

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We’ve had full survival training, first aid and are both experienced hikers. Was more implying for advice on Huel and if people have lived off it in similar environments and activity.

If he’d posted anything that implied this forum was their first & only resource I’d be with you, but James didn’t so maybe chill a bit bro?

Lets hope something doesn’t go wrong?

Just seen this post.
How did your expedition go? And was it fuelled by Huel?
Be great to know :smiley: