100% Huel for Jan

Thinking of going 100% Huel for Jan as a wee experiment, planning 4 hot n savories and 1 RTD per day so around 2000 cals per day with the plan being if im ever hungry just have another meal or shake.
any of you Hueligans doing the 100% and how do you feel?


I’m not doing it for January but I have used Huel 100% for at least a month at a time on several occasions. I always feel really good but do find I lose a bit of weight as I find it difficult to eat enough calories in a day just using Huel as I find it so filling. I guess dense good nutrition I actually gained a few kilos over the holiday as I’ve been away from my home in Scotland and now Devon trying out some vegan restaurants, so will probably be having a month of 100% Huel starting when I get back.


Ive been into the vegan junk food alot so just trying to get over the sugar cravings. I figure that even though its not highly recommended going 100% that it should have better nutrition than the alternative (sweets n crisps) and also dropping a few KG would be good too.


I go “Full Huel” now and then.

Partly because it is fun to say in a Scottish accent - partly because it keeps me off the worse things which I would otherwise eat.

And, I always feel amazing for it.

Sometimes I feel amazing and wonder why, then I retrospectively track it back to a Full Huel Day. That’s the best bit.

(I x Huel Black, 4 x Hot & Savoury)


I’m permanently 100% Huel. It’s absolutely fine. Have to add the disclaimer that it’s not recommended by Huel due to the lack of variety. I don’t mind a lack of variety.


this is my main reason, just to get away from junk food cravings. im also Scottish so working on full huel in my accent. do you find the 4 hot n savory plus a shake is good for your lifestyle, weight etc?

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Is lack of variety the only reason? I’m sure i could live on this then based on that. has to be better than fake vegan proccessed meats.

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Well, my understanding was that Huel does not recommend a 100% huel diet due to the many unresearched mysteries still present in whole foods; some of which may yet contribute importantly to a healthy diet.

Ie. Huel may not yet have extracted and included absolutely everything an optimally functioning body needs - and therefore they cannot guarantee huel powder as thoroughly completely complete.

Although Full Huel studies do show great results so it feels more like a legal/moral disclaimer. Besides, some people have reported things like gout etc. as a Full Huel side effect.

I am 37 years old, 175cm, 66kg and moderately active - I find that Full Huel (x5 daily) maintains me at this weight, which luckily happens to be an optimally healthy BMI.

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Also - to answer your question about lifestyle:

YES when working from home

I have recently expanded to try almost every flavour of Hot & Savoury (not the spicy ones :fire:) and I enjoy combining them.

  • Thai Green Curry + Tomato and Herb adds complexity of flavour and takes the edge off the spice.

  • Mexican Chilli + Tomato and Herb for the same reason.

  • Mac and Cheese + Sweet and Sour to stop either from being too gross on their own, until I finally finish the bags and LEARN FROM THIS EXPERIENCE.

Also I live in a strict vegan HMO household, whilst not necessarily vegan myself. Huel is satisfyingly reliably vegan.

NO when out of the house for any length of time

I have an eating disorder, either that or I am very close to one. I frequently cannot resist the (mainly heavily processed) delicacies that the outside world offers as I move through it (Sausage, Cheese & Beans Pasties :drooling_face:Butterkist Chocolate Orange Caramel Popcorn…)

Even if I pack a Huel outside, I will quite often ignore it - sometimes even waste it if premade (hate waste so much :rage:).

I have JUST ordered Huel Bars v3 whatever - not the protein ones - to try to combat this. Eating two should work out at around the same price/calorie/nutrient profile of one Hot & Savoury (*citation needed).


Stick with it Jenny, binge eating processed foods is really hard to combat. I know this all to well.
I’m working towards same as you, 4 hot and savory and a shake daily.
I may also add bars in my next order.


I have 3 x 400 cal black edition shakes, one hot and savory (probably about 500 cals) and 1 x 100 cal protein shake per day. I’m a middle aged female and sit behind a desk all day so have to be careful with my calories. This maintains my weight and I feel very well. Obviously gender, age and level of physical activity all play a huge part in how many calories you need but this works for me.


Middle aged guy here, same work environment, driving a desk.
I’m glad to hear how much you are using daily because I want this to be sustainable for the long term and not just to lose a quick few lbs. so it sounds like you are managing on 1800 ish calls per day which sounds good. I’m aiming for 2000 in the mean time.
Think I’m going through a processed food/sugar withdrawal just now as after a good night sleep and 2000 calls of huel yesterday I’m not feeling as amazing as I’d like.

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The withdrawal is real. I overindulged with the sugar over Christmas and felt horrible for a few days. Also, you’re changing the way you eat so your body will need to get used to it.

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Caveat -

I have just read this:

And I would now mention sodium when sharing my experiences of 4 x H&S daily.

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Also, this!:

“H&S are definitely more of an occasional bit of variety/comfort food rather than an every meal item. Their nutritional information recommendations says to have them only for 1-2 meals per day.”

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I’d otherwise eat junk food or takeaway though so don’t think this is that bad an option to eat 4 different H&S a day.