100kgs goal

Evening Everyone,

So taken the plunge and purchased huel was a bit skeptical regarding the toilet situation but if you don’t try yourself you never know.

Currently 128kgs with a goal 100kgs

Also training for the Ride 100 London bike ride so would love to be close to that for the ride.

My plan is

Breakfast 3 scoops with water / Almond milk

Lunch 3 scoops same

And a healthy clean dinner ?

Least 3 litres water a day.

Can any one give me any newbie advice or if that’s a good way to start.



Hi @B_barlow26 !
The only thing I’d suggest is to build up to your six scoops per day slowly - maybe start with Huel either for breakfast or lunch for the first week at least.
Going straight in with 6 scoops might cause you some digestive issues, but building up slowly seems to avoid any trouble.
Personally I started with 2 scoops per day for a week then 3 scoops per day for a week then 2 x 2scoops. I didn’t have any digestive issues at all.
Some people suffer some people don’t!
You can probably build up to 2 Huel meals per day faster than I did, but maybe just start off with one Huel meal for your first week and see how you are.

Other than that, just experiment and check out the flavour ideas on the forum.
Definitely refrigerate your first shake for 4+ hours before trying it… it’s much nicer cold and ‘brewed’ !


Almond milk will make it thicker. You haven’t said what flavour you’ve ordered. If it’s U/U or either if the Vanillas you can switch them up by adding frozen fruits (or fresh) :green_apple::apple::pear::banana::strawberry::cherries::peach::mango::pineapple::coconut::chocolate_bar::peanuts::honey_pot:

Welcome to the team, Ben :wave: Great to have you here. Well done on the big goal, amazing to have the Ride100 coming up too, 5 months to go, you’ve got this!

I’m not sure on your height and age etc, but be sure to work out your estimated energy requirements - https://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html - you can then work out how much food you need per day. 6 scoops is only ~900kcal, so make sure you aren’t in too much of a deficit as it won’t be sustainable and also will affect your training.

Hope this helps and keep us posted here :slight_smile:

Good luck :muscle:

Best advice I can give is to use myfitnesspal - if you’re not familiar it’s a free app (there’s a paid version but the benefits really don’t justify the cost - the free version has all you need) that takes your weight and weight loss goals and gives you a calorie budget - but also it has a great feature, that almost anything you could possibly buy is on their database and loggable by scanning the barcode. If there isn’t a barcode, the database is searchable too.

It gets a bit tricky (i.e. guesswork) when you decide to use the local takeaway that isn’t part of a major franchise, but otherwise it’s ridiculously easy to keep track.

I managed to lose around 2 stone last summer and then 2 stone again since new year (I put on about a stone in the middle) and both times myfitnesspal was absolutely crucial - more so than the Huel (I used Huel in the summer but haven’t done really since new year)

Sorry if it sounds a bit like I’m on commission - to be honest myfitnesspal itself isn’t the only option, there are plenty of other calorie counting apps out there which also have great databases. The important thing isn’t which app you use, but that it gives you a better idea of what you’re eating, especially if you log stuff honestly when you have the odd off-day.

And just for context - last May I was around 121 kg, and now I’m about 103 - getting sub-100 is my main landmark at the moment :slight_smile:


Welcome @B_barlow26, sounds like you’ll be running a similar setup to me in terms of Huel intake, I have upped mine slightly to 120g per shake, twice a day with something solid for dinner.

Out of curiosity what flavour Huel have you gone for?

For example i use MyNetDiary, managed to convert a few people to it also :wink:

I have been using MyFitnessPal to help me lose weight and have found it so useful I will continue to log my intake in order to maintain my new weight. I love being able to track the amount of calories I am having day to day. Not everyone’s cup of Huel I know, but it suits me fine :+1:

I went for vanilla and coffee and the caramel flavour pouch.

Can’t wait to try


That’s sound exactly what I wanna do I’m gonna start tomorrow and see how I get on.

I’ll do a weekly check in one this topic if people are not to botherd about another one ?